Madness Reigns: NCW March Madness Results

Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to the Norwood Lodge of Elks this past Friday night for NCW’s March Madness! A big thanks to all of the fans who packed into the Elks for another insane night of wrestling action.

Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Commentators: “Toxic” Tom Warren & Atlee Greene
Referees: Redd Roche, Rob Greer, & TJ Richter

Triplelicious won the March Madness Invitational Battle Royal to earn an NCW Championship  Match after eliminating “RIOT” Kellan Thomas to win. Thomas was close to getting another shot at the NCW title only to have Bryce Clayton distract Thomas long enough for Trip to toss “RIOT” out.

Participants Included: Triplelicious, “RIOT” Kellan Thomas, Bryce Clayton, Tomahawk, Christian Casanova, “All Good” Anthony Greene, “Insane” Dick Lane, Thor Davidson, “Foxy” Cameron Campbell, Mr. Wrestling XVI, “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo, “The Fittest Man” Dan Terry, “The Prettiest Man” Derek Andrews

“The Dan Ram” Danny Ramirez d. “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva with a vicious brainbuster suplex to the shock of the Norwood crowd.

NCW Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley came out, wanting to officially present the NCW 2015 Best Non Wrestling Personality Award to Redd Roche. Unfortunately Livsley had some business to take care of, referencing some legal issues he’s been dealing with behind the scenes. Livsley then reluctantly brought out TJ Richter, who had been reinstated on a probationary basis. Dean warned TJ of his actions going forward, and asked Redd to look over him.

christianChristian Casanova beat “Slamdance” Tim Lennox with the bicycle kick after narrowly avoiding the curb stomp from Lennox. Despite their mentor/protege relationship, Richter counted the three on Lennox without issue, driving Lennox further into insanity.

The Heavy Hitters (Frank Champion & Shay Cash) defeated the NCW Tag Team Champions CrossFit (“The Fittest Man” Dan Terry & “The Prettiest Man” Derek Andrews) via count out, giving The Hitters the victory but not the Championship.


“All Good” Anthony Greene w/ “Foxy” Cameron Campbell d. “The Native American” Tomahawk after Greene’s personal stylist distracted referee Rob Greer long enough for AG to hit a low blow on Tomahawk.

AG continued his assault on “The Native American” until the NCW Heavyweight Champion Lumberjake arrived on the scene, finally confronting his friend on what he’s been doing over the last few months. At first Jake was content to not intervene, staying out of Greene’s business. But attacking Mike Paiva and trying to bludgeon Jake with the ring bell at Homecoming was enough, and Lumberjake wanted to know what the hell Greene’s problem was. Anthony tried to divert blame once again, saying that he attacked Kellan FOR Lumberjake, ensuring Jake’s WrestleFest win against Ruy Batello. Not believing the BS, Jake informed him that he never needed any help, drawing a incensed Kellan Thomas back out to the ring. Jake was able to hold him back long enough for Dean “The Beast” Livsley to come out and try to settle the situation.

ag tommy

Livsley admonished “RIOT” for his erratic behavior, and told him it needed to end. He understood his frustration, but warned him that he couldn’t hijack the shows any longer. He also acknowledged AG’s desire for the spotlight, and the need to settle the beef with everyone. With both parties eyeing Lumberjake AND the NCW Championship, Livsley made the match for April 22 at the Friday Night Fights between “All Good” Anthony Greene and “RIOT” Kellan Thomas, with the winner facing Lumberjake May 27th at the 19 year REUNION.

The NCW New England Champion Osirus alongside the mad Doctor Ozone came out following intermission, proudly displaying his newly won New England Championship. Osirus promised to bring professional wrestling to another level as New England Champion, putting his title on the line against all-comers. This drew “Ruthless” Ruy Batello out to ringside, still fuming over his loss to Osirus at NCW Homecoming. Batello mentioned that Osirus could not hit the ‘Final Flash’ on him, and it took four ‘GalaGuns’ to actually defeat Batello. Believing no one deserves another shot more than him, both men were then interrupted by “High Class” Rich Bass. Bass was there representing his client “Sensational” Scott Levesque, and warning Osirus that he’s just keeping that belt warm for Levesque when HE’S ready, on his own terms. Bass then offered his services to Batello for the evening, seeing a beautiful marquee of Ruy Batello versus Scott Levesque for the New England Title.

– NCW New England Champion Osirus w/ Doc Ozone d. “Ruthless” Ruy Batello w/ “High Class” Rich Bass to retain the New England Title after an inadvertent belt shot knocked Ruy Batello out long enough for Osirus to pick up the victory. With referee Rob Greer knocked down TJ Richter returned to the scene and the fix seemed to be in. Rich Bass attempted to use the NE title as a weapon, drawing Doc Ozone into the ring for a tug of war with the Championship. The errant belt whacked Batello in the face, allowing Osirus to roll up a dazed Batello for the win.

Following the match an irate Batello was prepared to take his frustrations out on Rich Bass, but Greer intervened. A furious Ruy then took the official and laid HIM out with the ‘Portuguese Drop’.

crossfit trio

“The Seflie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo d. Curry Boy with the ‘Screen Shot’ in a bizarre contest that saw the unorthodox Curry Boy battle not only Vicallo but Dan Terry and Derek Andrews on the outside as well. Following the match the NCW Tag Team Champions continued to beat down on Curry Boy until Turtles in Time arrived, with an injured Steve Weiner pleading with Dick Lane to make the save. After the fans willed enough support into “The Meta-Human Super-Villain’s” bones Lane made the save with CrossFit bolting from the ring. With Turtles in Time in NCW, the floodgates of weird have been opened.

jake wins– NCW Heavyweight Champion The Lumberjake defeated Triplelicious w/ Bryce Clayton to retain the NCW Championship after hitting a picture perfect ‘Log Ride’ on Trip. The four-time former NCW Champion brought Bryce Clayton back out with him for the match (perhaps attempting to replicate his success with Frank), but in the end The Lumberjake was able to turn the tide and fight another day as NCW Champion.


Photographs courtesy of Zeke Dane. For his complete album from NCW’s March Madness please visit his Flickr page here.

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