On Their Last Rope

On February 20th, 2015 at NCW COLLISION COURSE The Heavy Hitters and CrossFit squared off in the opening match of the 2015 Season, and what began as a standard tag team affair quickly turned to chaos when Derek Andrews & Dan Terry threw Frank Champion into the ropes for a double team maneuver.



Since then CrossFit have become one of the most dominant tag teams in NCW today thanks to their ranks growing stronger by the day, winning the NCW Tag Team Championships last August and holding onto the title at all costs. Despite becoming #1 Contenders to those belts in October of last year, The Heavy Hitters did not get their Tag Team Title match until last night at NCW’s March Madness. Ducking the challengers or not, it was quite suspect for the Hitters to wait four months to get their title opportunity.

Fans immediately noticed that the bottom ring rope last night in Norwood was loose and unsecured. Heading into the NCW Tag Team Championship Match it was apparent someone had tampered with the ring prior to doors being opened to the public. This reporter has learned from inside sources that CrossFit may have been behind the faulty rope, purposefully damaging the ring in order to gain an advantage over Champion & Shay Cash. Once the Tag Team Champions realized that even with the rope breaking officially during the match-up they were in danger of losing their titles, “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo made the executive decision to leverage a count out loss for the Champions.

And as for the rope? It was one day away from retirement.


Featured photo courtesy of Zeke Dane. View all his photos from NCW’s March Madness at his Flickr page.

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