Who Is The Masked Man?

It was at the 2015 Big City Rumble this past August when a mysterious Masked Man came out of nowhere during the Ladder Match between NCW Champion “RIOT” Kellan Thomas and Triplelicious, shoving Thomas off the ladder seconds before retrieving the NCW Heavyweight Championship belt. In the moment many believed that it was just another enforcer working for Triplelicious, but it was soon apparent that this agent of chaos had singled out Kellan for other reasons, costing Thomas the Championship the following month at NCW FALLOUT against “Ruthless” Ruy Batello.

At WrestleFest XI “RIOT” finally gets The Masked Man one on one and face to face, but the question still remains… Who is he?




"Black Magic" Sean Feeney
“Black Magic” Sean Feeney

In our speculation over the identity of this masked assailant let’s start with the man who was fired from NCW the month before his first appearance, the man who was working for “Ruthless” Ruy Batello as a member of The Underground Anarchy for months on end, and an all around slime ball like “Black Magic” Sean Feeney.

Feeney lost his Loser Leaves Town Match to Mike Paiva at Red, White, & Bruised, but soon after Feeney allegedly left New England for Ohio “Black Magic” was back in the area and hanging around his old wrestling pals at other local wrestling events. Ruy using Feeney for assistance in winning the NCW Championship would make sense, and The Masked Man’s sadistic attack on Thomas at NO FEAR was very reminiscent of the fireball attack on Mike Paiva back in April.


Anthony Stone
Anthony Stone

This one is a little more out there, but hear me out! Destruction Under Impact was a dominant force in NCW when the stable came to the promotion in 2010 uniting Kellan, William Thorne, Kelly Brooks, and Anthony Stone together. Stone was already a former NCW Tag Team Champion by that point (with “The Devils Reject” Brandon Webb) when he returned to NCW with “RIOT” and Thorne, and was on the rise to becoming one of New England’s hottest competitors at the time. Since then Stone has seen incredible success on the independent scene, and has made a huge name for himself while Thomas has reigned here in NCW as Heavyweight Champion for nearly 600 days. Despite the DUI faction fading away, Thomas & Stone have even teamed over the last year locally. Perhaps a little professional jealousy had been brewing between the two, leading to this escalating situation?


DUIThough not as likely as Anthony Stone (considering Thorne relocated to Florida in 2012) Kellan’s former tag team partner could definitely have had a hand in the carnage over the last few months, especially with all the success “RIOT” has had in NCW since the end of DUI.

While Will has always been supportive of his friend, jealousy can get the better of anyone as we’ve seen over the years with the likes of Ruy Batello and his descent into darkness. Would Thorne make a deal with the devil to punish Thomas for all his success? Unlikely, but it’s definitely on the table.


Scotty Vegas
Scotty Vegas

With the shocking announcement by “Slamdance” Tim Lennox that he had recruited the only Triple Crown winner in NCW history to aid him against “The Showoff” Mike Paiva and Rob “The Giant” Araujo at WrestleFest, a prominent figure from Kellan’s recent past has quickly snapped back into focus after disappearing from NCW days before WrestleFest X last year.

Vegas was attacked (allegedly by GA West) in the lead up to WrestleFest X, taking him out of the NCW Championship Scramble and killing his shot at regaining the Heavyweight Title from the man who beat him a year earlier. With a bad back, Vegas hasn’t been seen all year and has only recently made  appearances up north in his home state of Maine after recuperating from his injuries. Has Vegas sneakily returned earlier than WrestleFest XI, doing whatever is needed to enact his revenge?



Definitely a darkhorse candidate (candidates?), but the onetime trainers of “RIOT” Kellan Thomas and the former NCW Tag Team Champions Cinna & Onyx (or Rukkus) have always had a vested interest in Thomas and his career, recruiting him to join EOS when Rukkus stepped away. Despite disappearing from the independent scene in 2005 The Elements of Suicide could still make a huge impact in NCW today, and no better way to make that kind of statement than taking out one of their own while costing him everything he holds dear.


The Lumberjake
The Lumberjake

Though it doesn’t make any sense to this reporter, I must include the #1 contender on this list after some fans in the crowd accused Jake of working with Ruy Batello at FALLOUT in costing Kellan the NCW Championship.

For the last year and a half Jake has worked towards getting another shot at the NCW Title, and specifically a match with Kellan Thomas. After winning the Big City Rumble for the second time, Jake guaranteed himself a match with Kellan. Eliminating him from the title picture makes less sense than anyone on this list, in addition to the fact that someone would have to be working with Lumberjake AND Ruy Batello to achieve this. Sorry fans, I don’t buy it.

Who do you think The Masked Man is? Cast your vote below as we anxiously await the Grudge Match November 20th in Norwood at WrestleFest XI.

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