Loser Leaves Town July 17th in Norwood

red white and bruised LOSER LEAVES TOWN

On Friday night July 17th at NCW Red, White, & Bruised in Norwood, Massachusetts “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva goes one on one with “Black Magic” Sean Feeney in a Loser Leaves Town Blindfold Match as the former New England Champion looks for revenge on Feeney after the Underground Anarchy member blinded him with a fireball back in April at the Friday Night Fights.

Since then “The Original Showoff” has been recovering from vision issues, staying off NCW’s 18 year REUNION while easing himself back into tag team matches before returning to the NCW ring at Aftermath for the 8 Man Total Elimination Match between Ruthless Anarchy and The Band of Bash Brothers. After the match The Bros confronted Ruy Batello and The Anarchy, where Paiva laid out the final challenge to Feeney.

NCW may never be the same again after July 17th when one of these competitors leave NCW forever, but who will it be?

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