The Lumberjake



Hometown: The White Horse Territory of the Yukon 

NCW Debut: April 9th, 2011 (NCW’s 14 year REUNION)

Career Highlights: 2x NCW Heavyweight Champion, NCW 2015 Big City Rumble Winner, NCW 2014 Big City Rumble Co-Winner, NCW Tag Team Champion (w/ Ruy Batello), NCW 2019 Feud of the Year, NCW 2012 Tag Team of the Year, NCW 2011 Rookie of the Year



The Lumberjake burst onto the NCW scene in April 2011 competing in the REUNION Rumble at NCW’s 15 year REUNION. After competing in tag teams with Adam Everest (Twin Peaks) and “Black Wolf” Derrick Andrews (The Timberwolves) Jake found a partner in “The Portuguese Sensation” Ruy Batello, who took him under his wing and helped train him for a huge match with Paiva for the NCW New England Championship at NCW’s 16 year REUNION. Despite losing, the match gave Jake incredible experience and helped him eventually win the NCW Tag Team Championship with Batello as The BLT at NO FEAR 2012.

It was the NCW Tag Team Championship that would eventually drive a wedge between Batello and Jake, with Ruy’s quest for championship glory interrupted by Lumberjake’s rekindled friendship with Mike Paiva. At the 2014 REUNION Batello turned on his best friend and tag team partner, laying out everything in his sight and declaring war on LBJ.

Jake would co-win the 2014 Big City Rumble that August, winning the match with GA West. Both men would go on to WrestleFest X against NCW Champion “RIOT” Kellan Thomas, but Batello once again put his nose in Jake’s business, eliminating him from the match after injuring his shoulder.

2015 would see the war between Jake and Ruy continue, leading to both men competing for the NCW Heavyweight Championship at WrestleFest XI after Lumberjake won the Big City Rumble for the second year in a row. In the night’s Main Event Jake defeated Batello winning his first singles championship in NCW.




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