The Heavy Hitters



Hometown: The Heavy Set Section of New Bedford, MA

NCW Debut: Shay Cash October 9th, 2010 [NCW Hostile Takeover]
Frank Champion September 23rd, 2011 [NCW FACE/OFF]

Career Highlights: Debuted in NCW as a tag team in 2014, NCW 2015 Holy $#!T Moment of the Year

Signature Moves: Senton Combo

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One of the hardest & heaviest hitting teams in NCW today (pun intended), Frank Champion and Shay Cash returned together to NCW at FACE/OFF: Total Elimination looking to dominate the tag team ranks after dominating other local promotions throughout the New England area. Both men being trained by New England Hall of Famer Brickhouse Baker, Champion and Cash have learned to use their formidable size to their advantage, implementing a wide array of hard hitting double team combos to obliterate the competition.




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