“Dastardly” Doug Summers


From: Panic, PA
NCW Debut: February 2005 (NCW’s 2005 REUNION)
Career Highlights: NCW Commissioner, NCW Heavyweight Champion, NCW New England Champion, NCW 2014 Match of the Year, NCW 2014 Most Hated, NCW 2013 Match of the Year, retired Richard Pacifico
Favorite Moves: Beautiful Disaster (running knee driver)
Allies: Ashley Vox

Once a friendly and fun loving NCW fan favorite, ego and jealousy would come to define Doug Summers, turning him into the “Dastardly” fiend we see today. After failing to become NCW Triple Crown Champion, Summers turned on his pal Steve “The Turtle” Weiner and beginning a diabolical campaign to steal Dean “The Beast” Livsley’s job from him as NCW Commissioner. At NCW’s 16 year REUNION he did just that, instituting the “Reign of Summers” that nearly destroyed the promotion. Summers returned at the 17 year REUNION where he began a tumultuous relationship with Deputy Commissioner Pacifico, leading to a brutal Boston Massacre Match at WrestleFest X where Summers retired Pacifico.

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