David Loomis


From: Plainfield, CT
NCW Debut: April 9th, 2005 (NCW’s 2005 Big City Rumble)
Career Highlights: 2x NCW Heavyweight Champion, 2x NCW Tag Team Champion (w/ Eddie Loomis), NCW 2008 Big City Rumble Winner, NCW 2013 Tag Team of the Year
Favorite Moves: Bicycle Kick
Allies: His younger brother Eddie, Dean “The Beast” Livsley

The dynasty of David and Eddie Loomis will always go back to the infamous Loomis Arena in Plainfield, Connecticut, where the two amateur standouts plied their trade and learned the craft of professional wrestling. For over ten years Davey Loomis has dominated NCW as the best pure wrestler in the promotion, able to grapple with the very best. Despite this, David’s favorite move these days is a swift kick in the face, a Loomis Brother trademark. Boot + Face = Loomis Brothers Wrestling.

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