“Beautiful” Buddy Romano


From: Warwick, RI
NCW Debut: March 27th, 2009 (NCW Silence the Violence VIII)
Career Highlights: 2x NCW Heavyweight Champion, NCW Tag Team Champion (w/ Owen Graichen), NCW 2011 Big City Rumble Winner, NCW 2010 Rookie of the Year
Favorite Moves: Dropkick, DDT, Being Beautiful

Buddy Romano has always been a volatile personality, dating back to his days as an angry Slamtech student under the tutelage of “Brutal” Bob Evans. Constantly getting into fights in High School and College, Romano turned to wrestling as an outlet for his raw energy. Bubbling underneath the “happy-go-lucky” persona Buddy debuted with in 2009 was a dangerous man waiting to come out into the open. When Buddy brutally assaulted “Dynamic” Jon Thornhill, we finally met the REAL Buddy Romano…

…That is until “Beautiful” Buddy Romano showed his face in Northeast Championship Wrestling, becoming frustrated with his place in NCW after joining the commentary team and becoming a part-time wrestler. “Beautiful” Buddy showcases a flamboyant side we’ve never seen from Romano, but the dangerous edge remains underneath.

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