Brett Ryan Gosselin



Hometown: Newport, RI

NCW Debut: September 17th, 2016 (NCW FALLOUT)

Career Highlights: 3x NCW Heavyweight Champion, NCW 2019 Big City Rumble winner, NCW Ox Baker Memorial Cup (2017), NCW 2019 Most Hated, NCW 2018 Stable of the Year



The trust fund baby has finally grown up as Brett Ryan Gosselin sheds the Harris family name to embrace his true self as “The Victorious” BRG.

Debuting in NCW as Todd Harris leveraging his family’s money to buy and sell any wrestler he could get his hands on The Harris Country Club upstart found himself at odds with the competitors of NCW, unwilling to let the punk get away with his games. Despite buying the likes of JP O’Reilly Harris struggled in NCW until he finally found tutelage under “Royalty” Ruy Batello in his Kings Court giving Harris the opportunity to win the Ox Baker Memorial Cup at WrestleFest XIII eliminating “The Punjabi Lion” Robo to win the Cup. He used Batello once again at NCW Aftermath when Batello attacked the NCW Champion Lumberjake allowing Harris to cash in his Ox Baker title opportunity and become the new NCW Heavyweight Champion.

Joining up with fellow upstarts Channing Thomas and “Picture Perfect” Sierra the Todd Harris persona was shed for good at the NCW Bristol Bash when the newly dubbed Brett Ryan Gosselin, Thomas, and Sierra brutally attacked Osirus and The Party to soften up the current NCW Champion Osirus. BRG would go onto take advantage of that attack and Osirus at NCW’s 2019 REUNION winning the Heavyweight Title for a second time.

Now a three time former NCW Heavyweight Champion and one of the fastest rising stars in New England, anything is possible for BRG in wrestling.



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