Alexander Lee



Hometown: Bangor, Maine

NCW Debut: October 8th, 2005 (NCW NO FEAR)

Career Highlights: NCW Heavyweight Champion, 2x NCW New England Champion, NCW Tag Team Champion (w/ Alex Chamberlain), NCW’s first ever Triple Crown Champion, formerly known as Scotty Vegas, Leader of The Maine State Posse and Lee Devil Fight Club

Signature Move: ‘I Will Drink Your Milkshake’ (Running Knee), Senton Bomb


Scotty Vegas screws JT Dunn out of the NCW Championship at REUNION.
Scotty Vegas screws JT Dunn out of the NCW Championship at REUNION.

If you don’t evolve, you die.

That’s the motto for the former Scotty Vegas, NCW’s first ever Triple Crown Champion (winning the NCW Heavyweight, New England, and Tag Team titles) who returned to NCW at WrestleFest XI as the sadistic Alexander Lee, the next stage in violence for the Bangor native.

Debuting in 2005 as part of The Maine State Posse with Alex Chamberlain, The Posse declared war on Generation SLAM (Timothy Pittman, Jon Thornhill, & Amber) over the NCW Tag Team Championship, resulting in a years-long war that never truly ended for Vegas.

Becoming New England Champion, and eventually defeating “The Juice” JT Dunn to win the NCW Heavyweight Championship (under the Doug Summers regime and under very dubious circumstances) Vegas emerged as one of NCW’s greatest success stories. But success meant nothing to him, with violence being the only currency worth his time.

With the rechristened Lee leading a new pack of wolves in Aiden Aggro and Danger, the Maine State Posse has wrought havoc in NCW,  following the commands of their mentor and taking out anyone who gets in their way.



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