DECISION 2022: NCW’s Presidential Election Coming this Fall at WrestleFest!

Following NCW’s 25 Year REUNION where the President, Commissioner, and former Heavyweight Champion of NCW DEAN “THE BEAST” LIVSLEY was recognized as the NCW HONORS 2022 honoree Livsley and NCW founder JOHN CASEY (JC MARX) spoke in the back with “The Beast” formally stepping down as NCW’s chief operator.

After 12 years of running the show Livsley believed he would no longer be able to devote 100% of his time to the affairs of Northeast Championship Wrestling, setting the stage for NCW’s first public election since the 2016 Season.

Being named NCW Commissioner in 2010 following his retirement from in-ring competition Livsley would soon take the position of President, weathering tumultuous rivalries with his former peers, including a feud with “DASTARDLY” DOUG SUMMERS which saw Summers usurp Livsley as President and become ‘Emperor’ of NCW. Dean would regain his position of authority in February 2014 at NCW WrestleFest IX but would soon be confronted with NCW’s first major election since 2006 when both “HIGH CLASS” RICH BASS and BEAU DOUGLAS would run for President in the 2016 Presidential Election. Dean would win the 2016 race with 46% of the vote, but the chaotic election would turn NCW into a warzone with Bass and Douglas forming an opposing coalition to wage war against Dean and the NCW Defenders leading to a hellacious 2017 Season.

With Dean “The Beast” stepping down, the NCW Championship Committee has opted to hold a public election this Fall at NCW WrestleFest XVII with a multitude of prospective nominees throwing their name into the hat.


The former NCW official who was fired from his position as referee following his betrayal during the NCW Championship Match between THE LUMBERJAKE and BRG at WrestleFest XVI the onetime ROB GREER and current POS BC PUTNAM has officially thrown his snowcap into the ring despite his struggles to gain clientele into his managerial arsenal. Perhaps his obsession with The Wild and Crazy Kids will help his campaign?


Deciding to dip his…. hat… into the ring of the Presidential race KEVIN CASTRO had an ongoing rivalry with Dean “The Beast” Livsley during Castro’s arrival to NCW in 2018. Ongoing issues with The Lumberjake and now “THE HEAVY HITTER” SHAY CASH, Castro manages the reigning NCW Tag Team Champions DA’ HOODZ cementing himself as a prime player in the 2022 election.


Someway, somehow DALLAS MCCARTHY cheated his way into becoming the NCW New England Champion on behalf of THE LEAGUE OF EXCELLENCE, but could McCarthy finagle his way into the Presidential seat? Rumors have been circulating that Dallas and Castro have been considering running on a double ticket, but which one would be willing to step aside as Vice President?


“The Badass of Broadway” has truly evolved from his days as the former NCW Heavyweight and New England Champion, but TIM KILGORE’S ego is stronger than ever after recruiting DELILAH HAYDEN and DERIQUE into his theater troupe of thugs. Word has it that Kilgore has already made promotional buttons for his campaign run, but were unfortunately mistaken for PRIDE buttons.


The founder of NCW wasn’t always the lovable anonymous official serving the NCW Championship Committee and helping Dean “The Beast” during his leave of absence. The former JC MARX was also once one of the most conniving and ruthless managers in NCW leading ZERO TOLERANCE until his managerial career ended in 2012 with a boot to his face. Since then JC has been the guy to shepherd NCW and help wherever he can, could the Presidency be his next step?


The play by play commentator for NCW, DEREK SIMONETTI has seen up close some of the travesties in NCW, and has always been vocal about Dean not doing everything he could as President. Could Simonetti do better? Looking to be the most fair and equitable of the candidates, Simonetti will definitely have to combat against the more colorful challengers in this electoral race.

The NCW 2022 Presidential Election will be held at WrestleFest XVII this fall in Dedham, Massachusetts. Voting will only take place in Dedham, and buying a ticket to the show will be the only way to officially make your voice heard as we elect a new NCW President.


One thought on “DECISION 2022: NCW’s Presidential Election Coming this Fall at WrestleFest!

  1. Watch out! A dastardly heel or two may purchase a block of tickets and distribute the freebies w/ a campaign flyer to turn the election into hanging chad chaos!

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