Wright Wrecap: NCW Behind Closed Doors Episode #9

With Shoots and Ladders in the rear view mirror, we return to the defacto home of NCW: The Jacob Jones VFW for another episode of Behind Closed Doors, and, WOW, do we open with a beauty!

Channing Thomas def Foxy Calvin Campbell; Thomas escorted from the building after the match

We all saw what happened at Shoots and Ladders, and Channing Thomas lived it. So, with good reason, The Natural is pissed off. Campbell just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thomas took out all of his aggression on Foxy with a bevy of offense, not allowing his opponent to get much in himself. At one point, Foxy did get an opportunity for The Kiss That Don’t Miss, but Thomas was able to work his way out of danger, eventually hitting a devastating Piledriver that nearly folded Foxy in half for the 3 count.

After the contest, Thomas wasted no effort going back to the locker room screaming at the man who stole the NCW Championship belt at Shoots and Ladders, Brett Ryan Gosselin. Before Thomas could get his hands on BRG, he was held back by several members of the production crew, and was also informed that Gosselin executed a temporary restraining order against The Natural. Thomas did not go quietly, but he did eventually leave the building.

NCW New England Champion Mike Montero def Nick Diamond to retain the title

In what was originally billed as a non-title contest, the Ace was feeling generous this week and told the ring announcer that he was making this a title match. Apparently this is something the champion can do? OK let’s go with it.

The Gatekeeper nearly regrets that decision as Diamond garners near falls in the early going, but the champion was able to kick out at every attempt. The challenger left an opening for the Ace to hit a draping DDT and a double stomp from the top to put away the challenger.

We go to a video package from last week after the Shoots and Ladders iPPV where Dick Lane is counting his money that he was able to get back from Kevin Castro (with help from LumberJake). Suddenly, Dick is surrounded by 3 men in hoodies, who attack Dick and throw him in an equipment trailer where the beating continues. As they exit the trailer, we discover that it is Shay Cash, Davey Cash, and Frank Champion who did the deed. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner finds Dick in the trailer, who is screaming that his leg is broken.

We have been promised the match between Tim Kilgore and Billy Wennkar for about 5 weeks now, and each time, Kilgore has told NCW Management that he will compete when he is ready.

Tim Kilgore def Billy Wennkar

Now we see Wennkar in the ring, ready to compete. The ring announcer then says, “His opponent…is not here” Wennkar is infuriated and storms back to the bathroom area where he finds Kilgore preparing. Wennkar drags him from the bathroom, through the backstage area, to the ring, and begins to beat the tar out of The Badass of Broadway (About damn time). Kilgore is able to escape to the outside, but Wennkar catches him and tosses him back in the ring…or did he? It’s revealed that it is, in fact, NOT Tim Kilgore. Kilgore sneaks back in and hits Wennkar with a picture perfect Brain Buster for the victory! Tim Kilgore plays “Twin Magic”? What’s even stranger…Delilah Hayden, the now ex wife of Dick Lane, comes out to celebrate with Kilgore and the twin? What the hell is going on here?

It’s now time for the Beccabration!! At Shoots and Ladders, Becca defeated Davienne in the semifinals, and Isana in the finals to become the first ever NCW Women’s Champion. Little Mean Kathleen is in the ring with the rest of the Scrunchie Squad, but the guest of honor is missing. Where is Becca? LMK informs us that Becca’s invitation must have got lost in the mail. She then reveals the gorgeous new NCW Women’s championship belt, and proceeds to…put it on? Yeah she went there. This is where LMK goes off the deep end. She accuses Becca of screwing her over in the first round of the tournament. LMK, you’re not wrong, but… All of a sudden a brawl breaks out in the ring with the women’s division! There seems to be a lot of theft of titles in NCW going on lately

Vern Vicallo, the true NCW Heavyweight Champion, addresses the NCW fans, informing us that during the ladder match, he suffered a serious back injury at the hands of Brett Ryan Gosselin. Due to this injury, NCW management has deemed the champ unfit to compete. Vicallo said that’s not going to stop him from coming the BCD next week to find Gosselin, and he’s bringing a baseball bat to even the score!

Bret Ryan Gosselin (w/The Big Boys) def Alexander Lee (w/his Students) via submission

Before the match begins, Alexander Lee is frothing at the mouth, he is so angry at BRG for what happened at Shoots and Ladders. BRG, who is carrying the NCW Title and is claiming to be the REAL NCW Champion, says that this match is now for the NCW Championship. BRG has seen one too many Mike Montero matches apparently. Clearly this in NOT a title match, as BRG is NOT the NCW Champion. Action goes back and forth, and at one point, Lee hits a missile dropkick, but lands awkwardly on his arm and shoulder. Gosselin notices this, and like a shark to blood, he zones in on the injured shoulder. Lee counters with huge headbutts, but BRG will not let go of the arm. Lee finally creates an opportunity to hook in the Cobra Clutch, but the arm can’t handle it and BRG locks in a vicious armbar submission for the tap out.

Photos from NCW BEHIND CLOSED DOORS courtesy of “Picture” Dave Rodrigues!

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