WATCH NOW: NCW VS. – The Uprising vs. The NCW Defenders – Part Three

Airing every Friday at our YouTube channel ( NCW VS. looks back at some of Northeast Championship Wrestling’s greatest rivalries, matches, and stories that defined the company over the last two decades. Kicking off NCW VS. is one of it’s most important stories– the fight for NCW itself.

Part Three – “Warzone”

With the coalition of RICH BASS and BEAU DOUGLAS helping “SENSATIONAL” SCOTT LEVESQUE steal the NCW Heavyweight Championship from LUMBERJAKE thanks to CHRISTIAN CASANOVA, a new challenger steps up on behalf of the NCW roster, leading to a horrific scene at NCW’s 20 YEAR REUNION event. The casualties of war continues to mount as THE UPRISING grows stronger by the event.

AVAILABLE at NCW UNLIMITED at it’s the full NCW 20 YEAR REUNION event! You won’t want to miss one of the most memorable events in NCW history! Available to rent, purchase, or download today!

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