The Aftermath of Aftermath: Results from Bristol

Northeast Championship Wrestling continue its 2019 Summer Tour on Saturday June 22nd in Bristol, RI for the second of two nights of NCW pro wrestling action. A big thanks to all of our fans who came out to support us for this great night on the waters of Bristol!

Ring Announcers: Davis Wright & Shane Daly
Referees: Redd Roche, Rob Greer, & Rob Teutel
Ringside Photography: Nic Carceiri

“Deliciously Vicious” Vern Vicallo defeated Zachary Pierre Beaulieu hitting his ‘Blockbuster’ off the ropes to pick up the victory over ZPB.

Mutually Assured Destruction (“The Native American” Tomahawk & Perry Von Vicious) d. Detox (Jason Devine & Ricky Medeiros) in tag team action in a great match.

Steve “The Turtle” Weiner d. “Right Stuff” Steven Lust with the ‘Kingdom Hearts’. Post match an angry Dan Terry showed up to attack, hitting Weiner with ‘The American Hammer.’

“Brutal” Bob Evans returned home to the Almeida VFW Post defeating  the debuting Rick Recon via submission.

– In a #1 Contenders Match “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy and “RIOT” Kellan Thomas went to a No Contest when the NCW New England Champion “The Ace” Mike Montero  showed up at ringside to chastise both title contenders, distracting them long enough for NCW’s only Triple Crown holder Alexander Lee to attack both men. NCW President Dean Livsley showed up at ringside with officials to break up the fight, turning the action into a tag match.

– “The Ace” Mike Montero & Alexander Lee d. “RIOT” Kellan Thomas & “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy after Thomas and McCarthy collided with one another allowing Montero to steal a victory.

The Lumberjake d. “The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash w/ Kevin Castro in a Lumberjack Match with Jake getting revenge on not only Cash but also Kevin Castro as well.

“The American Hammer” Dan Terry d. “Insane” Dick Lane after hitting him with his vicious ‘American Hammer.’

“Foxy” Calvin Campbell w/ Doc Ozone d. Ike the Bite w/ Dallas McCarthy via Disqualification when the NCW Champion Brett Ryan Gosselin showed up to get in “Foxy’s” face, resulting in the DQ. A furious Osirus then ran in, attacking BRG and challenging him to their scheduled title match right then and there.

– NCW Heavyweight Champion “The Notorious” Brett Ryan Gosselin d. Osirus w/ Doc Ozone to retain the championship after an enraged Osirus kept hitting ‘the Final Flash’ on BRG without going for the pin fall, allowing BRG to roll Osirus up for the win.

– NCW Tag Team Champions The Little Giants (Robbie “The Giant” Araujo & Bullet Grinvalsky) defeated The Perfect Gamble (Dexter Loux & “The American Sumo” Mike Gamble) to retain the Tag Team Titles.

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