NCW 2018 REUNION Results!

Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to the Jacob Jones VFW Post this past Friday night for the twenty one year REUNION! A big thanks to everyone who came out to support the show and celebrate with us!

Also a big thanks to our friends at The Big Bear Cafe + Espresso Bar for their partnership with REUNION. Visit them at over at

Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Commentators: Atlee Greene & Derek Simonetti
Referees: Redd Roche, Rob Greer, & Rob Teutel
Ringside Photography: Phillip Kelly, Sjolin Goss Photography

– In the night’s fantastic opener “RIOT” Kellan Thomas defeated “Sensational” Scott Levesque in a rematch from their 2017 REUNION clash.

CrossFit won the #1 Contenders Tag Team Gauntlet, eliminating The Underground Anarchy to win the match.

  1. BRO (Channing Thomas Timmy Thunder & Connor Davies) d. “Insane” Dick Lane & Curry Boy, as the former Turtles in Time found themselves too distracted by the impending Delilah Hayden match, allowing Thunder and Davies to move on.
  2. Thomas & Connor Davies d. The C&C Grapple Factory (Frank the Crank & Casey Courageous) as Courageous fell victim to inexperience despite the guiding force of Crank.
  3. CrossFit (“DTF” Dan Terry & “The Selfie-Made” Man Vern Vicallo) d. BRO when Terry finished off Davies with his vicious butt blaster off the top.
  4. CrossFit d. The Underground Anarchy (Ike the Bite & “Death Proof” Tim Davidson) w/ Dallas McCarthy to become #1 Contenders.

Chris Cruise w/ Amanda Fox defeated Rob “The Giant” Araujo after stealing a win over Araujo using the ropes as leverage. Amanda continued her cheating ways throughout the match, until an errant kick from Cruise took her out of the equation. Unfortunately while Araujo tried to outwrestle his opponent Cruise took the easy way out… again.

“Foxy” Calvin Campbell w/ Doc Ozone d. Todd Harris w/ “Royalty” Ruy Batello as the Ox Baker Memorial Cup holder took on the former Cup holder. Campbell had been accused of slacking the last couple of shows, looking toward partying rather than wrestling, and the antics of Harris and Ruy Batello forced Doc Ozone and Campbell to step up their game and focus on the wrestling.

NCW President Dean “The Beast” Livsley came out to the ring to bring out Perry Von Vicious, as PVV demanded an answer from the New England Champion over his offer to purchase the championship from him. Tomahawk shockingly arrived wearing a suit, and seemingly agreed to the sale of his title. Thankfully for Dean and the fans Tomahawk was playing a long con on Vicious, ripping up his contract and ripping off his suit. During the melee Tomahawk was blindsided by Zachary Pierre Beaulieu, looking for his own revenge on the Champ. Livsley then made a Triple Threat Match for the title.

Following intermission “The Ace” Mike Montero arrives at ringside, interrupting the NCW Champion The Lumberjake and relishing the opportunity to talk trash to Jake’s face and bring up the quasi-retirement of Mike Paiva. Montero promised to keep a spot on the shelve open for Lumberjake, but not before telling him the one thing Mike Paiva trained him best at was being a bitch. A furious Lumberjake then began choking out Montero, bringing out officials and wrestlers alike to pull Jake off of him. Finally it was Mike Paiva himself who came out, calming Jake down long enough to break the choke.

– NCW New England Champion “The Native American” Tomahawk d. Zachary Pierre Beaulieu & Perry Von Vicious in a Triple Threat Sudden Death Match to retain the New England Championship after PVV attempted to take the easy win by paying off ZPB, forcing Tomahawk to take the referee out of the ring before he could make the three, and take PVV out of the match allowing himself to get the victory over Beaulieu.

The Kool People (DJ AC & Sammy Deleon) d. Makua to win the NCW Tag Team Championship in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match after “The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash took “The Dan Ram” Danny Ramirez out of the match, dragging his injured body from the back and showing off his carnage. Makua agreed to wrestle two on one, but was then distracted Makua long enough to allow DJ AC and Sammy Deleon to finish him off and regain the titles as 2x Champions.

THE UNCONTROLLED defeated Delilah Hayden in their Non-sanctioned Grudge Match despite a hard fought effort from “The Alley Cat”. The former Steve Weiner was thrown off his game as Hayden kept him from using Dick Lane’s power glove, but in the end THE UNCONTROLLED used the glove to take Hayden down and finish her off with his new submission maneuver.

Following the match THE UNCONTROLLED tied Delilah up in the ropes, and as Dean “The Beast” tried to talk some sense into him, Weiner used the power glove to knock Livsley out with one punch! Finally Dick Lane finally came out to stop the madness, telling Steve he was crossing a line he couldn’t come back from. Weiner and Lane then threw down, coming to blows and brawling all around the VFW. THE UNCONTROLLED then retreated to the back while laughing maniacally.

Ring Announcer Shane Daly announced that the Main Event would now hold the stipulation that if Lumberjake was disqualified, he would lose the Heavyweight Title. This was made due to complaints of safety from “The New Showoff of NCW”.

– NCW Heavyweight Champion The Lumberjake defeated “The Ace” Mike Montero to retain the NCW Championship, in a contest where Jake could have lost the Heavyweight Title had be been disqualified. Montero spent a good portion of the match attempting to goad Lumberjake into getting himself disqualified.

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