Tag Team Shocker!

In a surprising turn of events “The Dan Ram” Danny Ramirez & Makua have become the NCW Tag Team Champions!

At last night’s benefit  A Night for Charlene Harris “The Dan Ram” found himself without a partner to challenge the NCW Tag Team Champions The Kool People. The special host for the evening John Cena Sr. wanted to see Ramirez wrestle on event memorializing his mother, leading to DJ AC and Sammy Deleon arriving at ringside to cause some trouble. Cena took it upon himself to ban “High Class” Rich Bass from the building, and as The Kool People were prepared to strike, Makua, Danny’s former tag team partner arrived on scene to offer his assistance in going up against the fractured Cartel.

Without their normal back-up The Kool People attempted to use Buff Dad and 2Buff as leverage against the reunited Mass Disturbance, taking referee Redd Roche out of commission during the match. Unfortunately Johnny Fabulous remained at ringside as the special enforcer, counting the three for Mass Disturbance and giving them the NCW Tag Team Championship! AC and Deleon have immediately invoked their title rematch clause, which will take place this Friday night in Dedham at NCW’s 2018 REUNION.

NCW Heavyweight Champion The Lumberjake was able to retain his championship against Perry Von Vicious in Somverille, and will now look toward “The Ace” Mike Montero this Friday in Dedham. PVV wasn’t done keeping an eye on his investment however, watching over Tomahawk’s New England Title encounter against his former partner Zachary Pierre Beaulieu to ensure Tomahawk retained his gold.

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