NCW UNITED: WrestleFest XIII Results

This past Friday night Northeast Championship Wrestling presented the final event of the 2017 Season from the Elks Lodge in Norwood, Massachusetts with all three NCW titles on the line plus the first ever “ALL MATCHES ARE LEGAL” battle between “The Ace” Mike Montero and “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva. A big thanks to all of our fans who supported us throughout 2017! 

Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Commentators: Atlee Greene, Derek Simonetti, & Bobby Rossi
Referees: Redd Roche, Rob Greer, & Rob Teutel
Ringside Photography: Phillip Kelly & Meredith Liska

– In the night’s opener “Insane” Dick Lane defeated Perry Vicious after PVV attempted to use the ropes for leverage, bringing out Lane’s fiancée Delilah Hayden to prevent the cheating.

Following the victory, Lane and Hayden were about to reaffirm their love for one another when all the lights went out and a disturbing video played on the screen of Steve Weiner, promising that “The Turtle” was dead and that he was coming for Richie soon enough.   

– In the Ox Baker Memorial Cup Match Todd Harris shockingly eliminated “The Punjabi Lion” Robo to win the new Cup after Robo had just decimated Harris’ King “Royalty” Ruy Batello.

  1.  Curry Boy defeated Channing Thomas Timmy Thunder after Thunder preemptively celebrated his ‘win’ over Curry Boy and allowing himself to get rolled up.
  2. Todd Harris and “Royalty” Ruy Batello d. JP O’Reilly after Harris’ former tag team partner went face to face with The Royal Court.
  3.  Todd Harris d. Robbie “The Giant” Araujo after Araujo once again nailed Batello with his patented frog splash.
  4. Todd Harris & Ruy Batello d. Curry Boy.
  5. Harris and Batello defeated The Mack Attack, but were unprepared for the final entrant of the match—Robo!
  6. “The Punjabi Lion” Robo d. Ruy Batello with a huge Punjabi-fueled ‘Attitude Adjustment’ after Batello foolishly tried to get Robo to side with him and The Royal Court.
  7. Todd Harris won the Ox Baker Cup after sneaking in and pushing Robo over the top rope.

The Uprising (Beau Douglas, “High Class” Rich Bass, and the NCW Heavyweight Champion “Sensational” Scott Levesque) came out to ringside to promise that tonight would not be there last night in NCW, with Bass assuring that Levesque would not lose the title. NCW President Dean “The Beast” Livsley and The Lumberjake came out to interject, with Jake accusing Levesque of going back on his promise for a one on one match without interference. Levesque then talked down Jake, promising he could defeat Jake without anyone’s help tonight.

“Old School Cool” Cory Michael d. Alexander Lee in a huge upset.

“The Dan Ram” Danny Ramirez defeated “Black Magic” Sean Feeney in Feeney’s open challenge, after Ike the Bite showed up at ringside impersonating Ramirez. Feeney pinned ‘Ramirez’, only to have the real “Dan Ram” return to exact his revenge on the man who cost him the New England Title. Post-match Tim Lennox came out to check on The Underground Anarchy and the damage “Dan Ram” caused, only to have Ramirez welcome Lennox’s opponent Tomahawk to ringside for their New England Title Match!

– “The Native American” Tomahawk d. NCW New England Champion “Slamdance” Tim Lennox to win the New England Title  with The Underground Anarchy unable to assist their mentor.

“RIOT” Kellan Thomas came out for his scheduled match with “The Mind Eraser” Mike Graca, only to have Beau Douglas and “High Class” Rich Bass return, claiming Graca was admitted to Butler and would be unable to compete. Bass then stated he had authority to replace Graca with any member of The Uprising, and unfortunately with the ranks spread thin, Beau Douglas would have to fight.

– “RIOT” Kellan Thomas defeated Beau Douglas as Douglas fought to survive against the former NCW Champion.

“Foxy” Calvin Campbell defeated Osirus w/ Doc Ozone in a huge upset. An enraged Osirus attempted to finish off a fatigued Campbell post-match, but surprisingly it was Doc Ozone that prevented the assault, with him checking on “Foxy” and attempting to broker peace between the two. In the end Ozone was able to get Osirus and Campbell to shake hands, signaling a huge change going forward in the relationship between “Foxy” and Doc.

“DTF” Dan Terry and “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo went to a No Contest when Vicallo and Terry both found themselves struggling to compete under the refereeing of Timmy Thunder, who refused to count three unless the tag team partners called him by Channing Thomas. Finally realizing it was Thunder driving a wedge between CrossFit, Vicallo and Terry assaulted Thunder together, reaffirming their pledge to be CrossFit together, with the fans seemingly supporting this decision.

“The Ace” Mike Montero defeated “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva in the Lethal Lottery—All Matches Are Legal when Montero d. Paiva Last Man Standing after he and Paiva went through a table during their Tables Match. With both men incapacitated, referee Rob Greer changed the match selection to a Last Man Standing, guaranteeing a winner for this bitter grudge match.

Other stipulations in this first ever match was a Hardcore Match, a Bra & Panties Match, and a Handicap Match, which saw “All Good” Anthony Greene enter as the surprise partner, who opted to help his former tag team partner Mike Paiva rather than the cocky Montero! AG and Paiva shared a moment of mutual respect, perhaps signaling a change of heart for “All Good”.

– The Kool People (DJ AC and Sammy Deleon) w/ Rich Bass d. The Maine State Posse (Aggro and DangerKid) w/ Beau Douglas and The Heavy Hitters (Frank Champion & Shay Cash) to win the NCW Tag Team Championship as the relationship between Beau Douglas and Rich Bass disintegrated, with Bass knocking Douglas out with a clipboard, preventing The MSP from retaining their titles and giving The Kool People the opportunity to get the victory.

– The Lumberjake d. NCW Heavyweight Champion “Sensational” Scott Levesque to win the NCW Championship in a fantastic match up between the two, when Rich Bass returned to ringside despite the requests of Levesque earlier in the night, attempting to use the NCW title as a weapon to help The Cartel win.

Post match Bass tried to use the NCW title again on Lumberjake, only to rush out of the ring when “RIOT” Kellan Thomas ran him out. Jake then came face to face with Kellan, and after months of intense back and forth between the two they finally made peace, ending their animosity once and for all.

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