Wedding Day Blues: NCW Total Elimination Results

Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to the Norwood Lodge of Elks this past Friday night for NCW Total Elimination: Wrestling & Romance, featuring the return of the 10 on 10 Ultimate Elimination Match and the wedding of “Insane” Dick Lane and Delilah Hayden.

Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Referees: Redd Roche, Rob Greer, & Rob Teutel
Commentators: Bobby Rossi & Derek Simonetti
Ringside Photography: Brittany Costa & Ryan (Not Hunter) Ward

Triplelicious & “The Ace” Mike Montero defeated JP O’Reilly for The Mike Montero All-Stars in a 6 Man Total Elimination Match, defeating The Longshots. “Foxy” Calvin Campbell was the only member of The All-Stars to get eliminated after a distraction from Doc Ozone, who was on commentary. 

Post-match O’Reilly found himself blindsided and attacked by Todd Harris, furious over O’Reilly’s decision to team with Kalvin Strange and Casey Courageous AND having the nerve to steal his entrance theme music. Harris then officially fired JP from Ruy Batello’s Royal Court. 

– Perry Von Vicious defeated the returning Tyler Nitro, as Nitro fell prey to PVV’s own version of the ‘Million Dollar Dream.’ Following the match the Norwood crowd gave Nitro a strong ovation welcoming him back into the fold.

CrossFit (“DTF” Dan Terry and “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo) came out to the ring to announce the 3rd member of their team for Total Elimination after giving Channing Thomas Timmy Thunder the night off. After getting turned down by Sweat Boy, the duo found a big star of the 80s for the evening, a true athlete in the form of Theodore J. Liftington!

– In a Six Man Total Elimination Match All Gimmicks Needed (The Mack Attack & The Abominable CPA) defeated CrossFit (“DTF” Dan Terry, “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo, & Theodore J. Liftington) with The Mack and CPA surviving till the end.

Post-match a frustrated Dan Terry and Vern Vicallo got in each other’s face, blaming one another for the problems CrossFit has had over the last year without Timmy Thunder to blame. Shane Daly then antagonized the situation further, leading to both men challenging each other to a match at WrestleFest XIII.

NCW President Dean “The Beast” Livsley and “High Class” Rich Bass came out to introduce their teams for Ultimate Elimination. Livsley mentioned the troubles he’s had with all the injuries plaguing the NCW Defenders, and how they would be down 9 to 10 against The Uprising. Color commentator Derek Simonetti then interrupted Dean, and offered himself to take part in Ultimate Elimination and fight on behalf of The Defenders.

– The NCW Defenders defeated The Uprising in Ultimate Elimination, when “RIOT” Kellan Thomas and The Lumberjake defeated “The Mind Eraser” Mike Graca to win the match when Thomas pinned Graca. Tensions continued to run high for Lumberjake and Thomas, with Thomas walking out on the Defenders celebration post-match.


§  Ike eliminated by Lumberjake

§  Curry Boy by Scott Levesque

§  Scott Levesque by Mike Paiva

§  Tim Davidson by Mike Paiva

§  Shay Cash by Mike Graca

§  Derek Simonetti by Sammy Deleon

§  Tomahawk by Tim Lennox

§  Dick Lane was eliminated via count out

§  Frank the Crank by Sammy Deleon

§  Sammy Deleon by Kellan

§  Aggro by Kellan

§  DangerKid by Frank Champion

§  Frank Champion by Mike Graca

§  Tim Lennox by Lumberjake

§  Mike Paiva by Mike Graca

§  DJ AC by Kellan

§  Alexander Lee by Lumberjake

§  Mike Graca by Kellan


§  Scott Levesque and Lumberjake nearly squared off in the beginning of Total Elimination, only to see Levesque purposely tag out and psych out his WrestleFest opponent.

§  Tensions continued to run high between The Maine State Posse and The High Class Cartel, and after much back and forth between both groups Alexander Lee ended up costing DJ AC his spot in the match after nailing his running knee into his ‘partner’s’ skull.

§  That same animosity brought Jake and “RIOT” to brawl with one another, allowing Mike Montero to sneak in and low blow Paiva, allowing him to be eliminated after a tremendous showing in the match.

It was set to be the wedding of the year, as President Dean Livsley and staff began preparing the NCW ring for the nuptials, as guests took their seats. The groom Dick Lane and his best man Steve “The Turtle” Weiner came to ringside, with ordained minister Chad Epik overseeing the ceremony. Curry Boy (with guinea pig ring bearers), and Delilah’s mysterious sister Trixie arrived at ringside, with Delilah finally making her entrance.

Before the ceremony could proceed Dick recognized Trixie as the mysterious woman who attacked Delilah and low blowed him at the Big City Rumble, while Steve recognized her as his blind date from FALLOUT! Trixie then assured Steve she was never his date, and someone catfished him using her picture, while fully admitting to attacking Delilah and trying to hurt Dick. Blasting both of them and pleading her not to marry a Super-Villain, Lumberjake and Theodore Liftington (the wedding bouncers) took Trixie out of the ring and away from the wedding. 

As Epik attempted to continue the services drunk wedding crasher Steven Lust continued to heckling The Bride & Groom, with Dick Lane ready to pounce out of the ring and attack Lust. Thankfully Jake and Liftington returned to help escort the crasher out of the Norwood Elks.

Steve then tried to interrupt the ceremony, wanting to give his best man speech now since the fans wouldn’t be a part of the reception. This finally pushed Dick over the edge, asking Steve to please remain quiet so he can get married. Epik went to Delilah, with the blushing bride saying “I Do,” while Dick Lane started to show signs of cold feet, unable to say “I Do” himself. Choking on his own words, Steve Weiner ripped off his sling only to reveal Lane’s missing power gauntlet! Choking his best friend, Weiner used the gauntlet to incapacitate the wedding goers, and deliver a ‘Kingdom Hearts’ to Delilah! With Dick Lane attempting to save his bride to be, Weiner delivered a ‘Kingdom Hearts’ to Dick, falling right beside Hayden on the mat. Grabbing a sole red balloon from the carnage, Weiner left out the front door and into his running car.

A heartbroken Lane then carried Delilah out of the ring as the roster attempted to regain their composure.

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