2 Nights of Torment: NCW Ring of Thrones Results

This past Friday and Saturday Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to the Jacob Jones VFW Post in Dedham, Massachusetts for the 2017 Ring of Thrones tournament, with this years tournament featuring a singles and trios bracket.


Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Commentators: Atlee Greene & Derek Simonetti
Referees: Redd Roche, Rob Greer, & Rob Teutel
Ringside Security: John Balis
Ringside Photography: Paul Glantz

Before the action could begin video was shown on the Pre-Show of NCW President Dean “The Beast” Livsley laid up in the hospital, having been attacked the night before the show. Livsley was scheduled to appear at Ring of Thrones to defend his job, but with him injured and hospitalized it was announced he would not be in attendance.

Beau Douglas and The Maine State Posse arrived at ringside, with Douglas announcing that he was overturning the decision made by Redd Roche at El Mundo’s Family Festival, and that the NCW Tag Team Championship should be returned to The Posse. Lumberjake & Mike Paiva apprehensively made their way to the ring, and relinquished the titles back over to Redd Roche, who presented them back to Aggro & DangerKid.

– In a Quarterfinal Ring of Trios match The Heavy Hitters & NCW New England Champion “The Dan Ram” Danny Ramirez defeated The Underground Anarchy (“Slamdance” Tim Lennox, Ike the Bite, & Tim Davidson) w/ Dallas McCarthy to advance into the Semifinals.

“The Mind Eraser” Mike Graca w/ “High Class” Rich Bass d. “The Native American” Tomahawk via count out to advance into the Semifinals of the Ring of Thrones tournament when Ike the Bite (who remained at ringside under the ring) prevented Tomahawk from returning to the ring.

– In a Ring of Trios Quarterfinal The Maine State Posse (Alexander Lee, Aggro, & DangerKid) defeated The Turtles in Time (“Insane” Dick Lane, Steve “The Turtle” Weiner, & Curry Boy) w/ Delilah Hayden when the Posse singled out Lane and decimated “The Meta-Human Super-Villain” to advance.

– In a Ring of Thrones Quarterfinal Osirus w/ Doc Ozone defeated Triplelicious, who was competing as an emissary for “Royalty” Ruy Batello, who refused to participate in the tournament.

CrossFit (“DTF” Dan Terry, “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo, & Timmy Thunder) d. The Underdogs (Brett Domino, The Abominable CPA, & CPA’s favorite second cousin Josh Briggs) in a Ring of Trios Quarterfinal. Following the match Briggs gave two huge chokeslams to Thunder, laying him out.

“Foxy” Calvin Campbell won the Ox Baker Memorial Cup Qualifier, eliminating Frank the Crank from the match to win after blowing smoke in his face.

  1. “Foxy” Calvin Campbell eliminated JP O’Reilly.
  2. Frank the Crank eliminated Calvin Strange.
  3. “Foxy” Calvin Campbell eliminated Frank the Crank.

Following the match, a frustrated Frank challenged Campbell to a singles match at Night Two, promising that if he couldn’t defeat “Foxy” he would leave NCW forever.

“The Ace” Mike Montero defeated Rob “The Giant” Araujo in the Ring of Thrones Quarterfinals, after getting busted open by Araujo early in the match. An intense Montero was then able to use that energy toward finishing off Mike Paiva’s tag team partner.

“Old School Cool” Cory Michael d. “The Punjabi Lion” Robo in a Ring of Thrones Quarterfinal after Robo found himself distracted by Ruy Batello, who was on the video screen coaching “The Punjabi Lion.”

– In the Ring of Trios Quarterfinal The Lumberjake, Mike Paiva, & “RIOT” Kellan Thomas defeated The Kool People & “The Almighty” Anthony Stone w/ Rich Bass and Beau Douglas to advance into the Semifinals.

Following the match Beau Douglas was left behind as The Kool People and Bass retreated from The NCW Insiders, unfortunately The Maine State Posse then hit the ring to help Beau, laying out not only The Insiders but Rob Teutel and Ring Announcer Shane Daly as well.


Ring Announcer:Dallas McCarthy
Commentators: Atlee Greene & Derek Simonetti
Referees: Redd Roche, Rob Greer, & Rob Teutel
Ringside Photography: Paul Glantz

– In the Ring of Thrones Semifinal Match Osirus w/ Doc Ozone defeated “The Ace” Mike Montero to advance to the finals.

– NCW Tag Team Champions The Maine State Posse d. NCW New England Champion “The Dan Ram” Danny Ramirez & The Heavy Hitters in the Ring of Trios Semifinals when Alexander Lee pinned Ramirez after Tim Lennox interfered in the match to help The Posse win.

– “The Mind Eraser” Mike Graca w/ Rich Bass d. “Old School Cool” Cory Michael in the Ring of Thrones Semifinals after Graca jumped Michael before the match even began.

– The Aristocrats (“The Native American” Tomahawk & Zachary Pierre Beaulieu) d. The Underground Anarchy w/ Tim Lennox.

Following the match a furious Tim Lennox started abusing Ike & Tim Davidson, while also blaming all his troubles on losing the New England Title to “The Dan Ram”. He promised he would regain the New England Title, leading a vicious brawl between the champion and the challenger.

CrossFit arrived on scene without Timmy Thunder, who they bounced from the team after advancing into the Semifinals. Dan Terry and Vern Vicallo knew they would have to find the personification of CrossFit to win the tournament, and recruited “Royalty” Ruy Batello to join the team!

– The Lumberjake, Mike Paiva, & “RIOT” Kellan Thomas d. CrossFit & Ruy Batello to advance into the Ring of Trios Finals. During the match Mike Montero attacked Mike Paiva, taking him out of the match.

– In a match where if Frank the Crank lost he would leave NCW forever, the big man was able to defeat his nemesis “Foxy” Calvin Campbell where Campbell did everything in his power to defeat the Crank.

The Heavy Hitters caught the entire incident on Facebook during intermission. Watch now!

During intermission, an irate Rich Bass rushed ringside, demanding he be given 100% control of Northeast Championship Wrestling. He demanded NCW officials come out to make it legit, but owner and founder John Casey (JC Marxxx) arrived, refusing to grant Bass the power he wanted. Casey blamed Bass for Dean’s attack earlier in the week, and offered to put the company (and WrestleFest) on the line at the Big City Rumble. Instead of every man for themselves, it would be team versus team for the first time ever. Bass confidently agreed.

– The Abominable CPA d. the returning Perry Von Vicious in a match of wits and strategic tie placement.

Todd Harris came out to the ring, explaining his absence from Night One of Ring of Thrones, and blaming the majority of his issues on his tag team partner JP O’Reilly. O’Reilly came out to defend himself, but the before the two could come to blows “Royalty” Ruy Batello joined ringside to unite the two. An irate Robo then showed up, furious at Batello for costing him Ring of Thrones, but the King of NCW did his best to unite everyone under one banner. He then issued an open challenge, to prove how strong they all were. The challenge was then answered by The Turtles in Time!

– “Insane” Dick Lane and “The Punjabi Lion” Robo went to a No Contest when both The Royal Court and The Turtles in Time interfered throwing out the match.

– In the Ring of Thrones Finals Osirus w/ Doc Ozone defeated “The Mind Eraser” Mike Graca after a wild match that once again saw Ozone and Bass go at it after Ozone was laid out earlier in the match.

– Despite there differences between “RIOT” and Lumberjake, and thanks to a timely return late in the match by the injured Mike Paiva The NCW Insiders d. The Maine State Posse to win the Ring of Trios tournament.




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