VOTE OF CENSURE: NCW Committee Votes No Confidence for “The Beast”

NCW President Dean “The Beast” Livsley won the NCW Presidential Election at the end of last Season, with the longtime Commissioner defeating Rich Bass and Beau Douglas at WrestleFest XII, winning about half the vote from the crowd and wrestlers in the back. At the end of the night Bass, Douglas, and their Uprising of mercenaries attacked then-NCW Champion Lumberjake, Livsley, and the entire NCW roster, destroying the Norwood Elks Lodge in a fit of rage over their loss.  Since then, Livsley’s grasp of power has been tenuous at best, and now it may be all over for “The Beast”.

As the 2017 Season has proceeded war has consumed Northeast Championship Wrestling, disrupting the flow of power and causing chaos for every wrestler competing in NCW. Lumberjake lost the NCW title to “Sensational” Scott Levesque after Bass placed a bounty on Jake’s head that Christian Casanova would take, The Heavy Hitters were screwed out of their Tag Team Titles thanks to The Maine State Posse, and “RIOT” Kellan Thomas nearly had his neck broken by Levesque at the 20 year REUNION.

Wrestlers such as “Royalty” Ruy Batello have been railing against Livsley for years, and MSP member Alexander Lee filed a formal complaint against Dean after “The Beast” pulled Lee from his New England Title Match at Aftermath.

This past Sunday The Championship Committee of NCW, a group of alumni and staff that have helped guide Northeast Championship Wrestling over the last twenty years and have overseen the Commissioners and Presidents of NCW since the beginning, held an emergency meeting holding a vote of no confidence for President Livsley after his attempts to squelch The Uprising have been unsuccessful. The vote went 3-2  for impeachment. The Committee has demanded that President Livsley speak his case and defend himself Friday July 28th in Dedham at Ring of Thrones Night One to argue against impeachment.

  • John Casey, the former JC Marxxx and co-founder of NCW, voted against impeachment.
  • Chris Venom, former NCW Heavyweight Champion voted against impeachment.
  • Richmond Black, former NCW Commissioner and longtime Committee member voted for impeachment.
  • MTE, former NCW Tag Team Champion and co-founder of NCW voted for impeachment.
  • Jared Neswadick, former official for NCW and original member of the Championship Committee voted for impeachment. Neswadick was the representative who called the emergency meeting originally.

If Livsley is impeached there’s no telling what this vacuum of power will do to NCW, and what Rich Bass and company will do to take that power for themselves. NCW Founder John Casey argued that no one would have been able to handle the onslaught that Bass and Douglas have brought on NCW this Season, but the majority has stood their ground.  At this moment the only thing that IS certain is that Dean “The Beast” Livsley must stand HIS ground July 28th at Ring of Thrones, as his friends and supporters stand behind him as he fights for his job he loved so dearly. Based on the hearing that Friday night, a decision will be made on Saturday July 29th for Night Two regarding Dean’s future.

NCW Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley and Championship Committee member Chris Venom at the 14 year REUNION in 2012.


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