On Friday night, May 5th, Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to the Norwood Lodge of Elks to celebrate NCW’s 20th anniversary REUNION, featuring the OX Baker Memorial Cup Match, a 20-Man Reunion Rumble and “Sensational” Scott Levesque defending the Heavyweight Title against “Riot” Kellan Thomas.

Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Commentators: Atlee Greene & Derek Simonetti
Referees: Redd Roche, Rob Greer & Rob Tuttle
Ringside Photography: Dave Rodrigues


– Reunion kicked off with a main event level contest as former heavyweight champion Lumberjake defeated Christian Casanova in a hard fought contest. Casanova has been a thorn in Lumberjake’s side for the past few months. Casanova injured Lumberjake’s leg early on, but the Yukon native fought through the pain and pinned the former fan favorite for the 1-2-3.


– The Kool People (DJ A.C. & Sammy Deleon) and “The Mind Eraser” Mike Graca defeated Rob “The Giant” Araujo, Tomahawk and Osirus w/ Doctor Ozone in a wild and crazy six man tag team encounter that went all over the Norwood Elks Lodge. In fact, it was so crazy that it almost didn’t make it into the ring.


– “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva defeated “The Ace” Mike Montero when five additional minutes were granted at the behest of both men after the match went to a time limit draw. Montero had things well in hand at the end of regulation but it was Paiva who called to his experience to get the win in overtime. Both men shook hands afterwards but it was all a ruse as Montero blindsided Paiva and put the boots to him until wrestlers from the back broke up the attack.


– “Old School Cool” Cory Michael pinned “Royalty” Ruy Batello in what very well could be the biggest upset in NCW history. It stung even more for Batello considering he’s been with NCW since the beginning and it the longest reigning heavyweight champion our history.

– Josh Briggs defeated Todd Harris, “The Punjabi Lion” Robo, TJ Richter, and “Insane” Dick Lane w/ Delilah Hayden to win the Ox Baker Memorial Cup. Harris made a great showing for himself as he went on a Diamond Cutter spree. Richter wasn’t even supposed to be in the match until a loophole from a previous qualifying match allowed the Hall of Famer to take part. Dick Lane, the defending holder of the OX Baker Cup, put up a valiant effort and lasted all the way to the finals until he fell to the mammoth Briggs.

– While Lane tasted defeat, he perhaps got something much better in return as he called Delilah Hayden into the ring. Some of NCW’s  finest surrounded the ring as Steve Weiner and Curry Boy joined Lane and Hayden inside the squared circle.

Lane professed his love for Hayden, dropped to one knee, unveiled the ring and asked her to marry him. Blushing red and as excited as possible, Hayden said yes. Pink balloons were flying everywhere as the celebration got under way. Steve Weiner had to leave rather quickly to get ready for the Rumble but the lovebirds were on cloud nine.


– It wouldn’t be a REUNION without one of the top competitors to ever grace an NCW ring, “The Savior of Pro Wrestling” JT Dunn. Dunn addressed the crowd in Norwood and gave an update on his recent injury that has kept him out of the ring for several weeks.

“High Class” Rich Bass and “The Mind Eraser” Mike Graca interrupted the festivities and Bass poked fun at Dunn not being cleared to wrestle with Graca looking to possibly strike. Dunn also noticed and said that when he’s given the OK to return, he predicts a confrontation with Graca down the line.


– “Foxy” Calvin Campbell won the 20-Man Reunion Rumble. The match opened with “The Dynasty” Beau Douglas drawing number one and the upstart Bret Domino drawing number 2. The Rumble also hosted standouts such as “The Fittest Man” Dan Terry and “The Selfie Made Man” Vern Vicalo.

There were also some returns to NCW such as “The Maniacal” Jack Krueger, Alexander Lee and Richard Pacifico. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner and “Death Proof” Tim Davidson also saw action as did Ace Romero, who was sitting in the audience and was shocked that his name was called to enter the fray. The final two came down to Calvin Campbell and the returning Frank the Crank where “Foxy” took advantage of a mistake by Frank, earning the winning elimination.


– The Maine State Posse (Aiden Aggro & DangerKid defeated The Heavy Hitters (Frank Champion & Shay Cash) to become the new NCW Tag Team Champions. This was a fantastic match with two of New England’s best tag teams. The amazing back and forth action culminated when Possee leader Alexander Lee blindsided Frank Champion off the referee’s distraction, allowing DangerKid to get the pin.


– “The Dam Ram” Danny Ramirez defeated “Slamdance” Tim Lennnox to become the new NCW New England Champion. Lennox order the Underground Anarchy (Tim Davidson, Ike the Bite & Dallas McCarthy) to go back to the locker room before the match began. That didn’t last for long as the Anarchy tried to take advantage of the referee’s incapacitation.

What they didn’t count on, however, was the commentary team of Atlee Greene and Derek Simonetti, along with ring announcer Shane Daly, cutting off the Anarchy at the pass thus keeping things fair and square.


– “Sensational” Scott Levesque w/ “High Class” Rich Bass defeated “Riot” Kellan Thomas in a No Disqualification match to retain the NCW Heavyweight Championship. This was a hard fought, back and forth contest between two great athletes until Levesque and Bass took things too far, even for a NO DQ match.

Bass and Levesque ripped apart the ring canvas, removed the protective padding, which allowed Levesque to piledrive Thomas onto the exposed wood beams. Thankfully, Thomas was able to get to his feet and vowed that there is nowhere on earth where Levesque can hide from him.

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