To Whom It May Concern:


What happened last night in Norwood, Massachusetts was an act of war. As a fourteen year old kid I started NCW with my cousin Michael looking for an outlet to showcase my love for professional wrestling, but what happened last night at WrestleFest XII went far beyond wrestling.

In the years since I’ve been a jerk, I’ve been a  bad guy, and I’ve done things I’m not too proud of. But since leaving the managerial world behind and putting “JC Marxxx” to bed I’ve come to appreciate the sacrifice and dedication of the performers inside the NCW locker room.

Working full-time behind the scenes I’ve seen how hard guys like Dean Livsley work, and how much he gives back to the fans of NCW without asking for anything in return. Over the last year I’ve seen Lumberjake take the title of NCW Heavyweight Champion, wear it with pride, and defend it against all comers.

Last night Jake beat Scott Levesque in a brutal dog collar match, and rather than take their losses like men Beau Douglas, Rich Bass, and the gang of thugs backing them decided to wreak havoc at the Norwood Elks.

Mayhem. Anarchy. Chaos.

We could just fire you and tell you to never come back. But Dean doesn’t want that. Jake doesn’t want that. Our entire locker room doesn’t want that. In 2017, we get payback.

John Casey
Founder of NCW

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