Big City Fallout

By Scoops McGinty

dean tweet

Just days removed from the 2016 Big City Rumble and we’re still feeling the fallout from the biggest Rumble in NCW history which saw “Sensational” Scott Levesque win the historic Rumble eliminating “Insane” Dick Lane to become the #1 contender for the NCW Heavyweight Championship. With Levesque’s guaranteed title opportunity November 18th at WrestleFest XII in the bag High Class Cartel seeks to take complete control of Northeast Championship Wrestling as “High Class” Rich Bass continues his campaign in the Presidential Election and become NCW’s new President.

On the comeback trail after his years long sabbatical due to injury.

The NCW Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley has also been campaigning, but after last Friday night will “The Beast” be able to participate come WrestleFest? Late breaking news coming out of Norwood last Friday night stated that Livsley was attacked by a group of unknown assailants, possibly up to six men as he was leaving the Elks Lodge for his trip back home to Connecticut. The group allegedly attacked Dean’s surgically repaired shoulder, aggravating an injury going back to his time in the ring in 2002.

But who attacked Livsley? This goes beyond a Presidential election or the action inside the squared circle. This is attacking someone’s livelihood and ability to provide for their family. Was it Bass and The Cartel? Was it 3rd party candidate and resident conspiracy theorist Beau Douglas? Was it another NCW competitor with an axe to grind? While we won’t speculate without concrete proof we can tell you that NCW officials are scrambling to find out what’s happening behind the scenes as doctors pull Livsley from all upcoming NCW events until he’s 100%.

The NCW Championship Committee has determined that until Livsley is able to resume his duties as Commissioner the candidates for NCW President will each receive an opportunity to ‘run the show’ and showcase their vision for NCW during this critical election season. On Saturday September 17th at NCW FALLOUT “High Class” Rich Bass will be given full creative control, while Beau Douglas will receive his opportunity October 14th at Oktoberfest. As of now the NCW Presidential Debate is set for October 28th at NCW NO FEAR.

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