Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: NCW Red, White, & Bruised Results

Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to the Norwood Lodge of Elks this past Friday for Red, White, & Bruised: The All-American Bash. It was dangerously hot outside, and NCW would like to thank the fans who braved the insane heat to join us at the Elks for an amazing night of wrestling action.

Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Commentators: Atlee Greene & Dallas McCarthy
Timekeeper: Derek Simonetti
Ringside Photography: Brittany Costa
Referees: Redd Roche & Eric Greenleaf

Shane Daly opened the night with a ten bell salute for local New England wrestler AJ Mitrano, who passed away at the age of 29 after a long battle with Cancer.

Osirus w/ Doc Ozone d. NCW New England Champion “The Juice” JT Dunn to win the New England Title for a third time in a tremendous opening contest that saw both men put it all on the line with a focused and driven Osirus wrestling as the aggressor in this high-stakes battle, nailing Dunn with a vicious knee to the skull after dodging ‘Death by Elbow’.

ne title

“The Dan Ram” Danny Ramirez d. “Slamdance” Tim Lennox w/ Tim Davidson with his brain buster suplex after taking the creepy kid Davidson out of the match.

Following the match Ramirez’ celebration was cut short by “High Class” Rich Bass and “Sensational” Scott Levesque, as Bass formally offered Ramirez a contract to join the High Class Cartel after months of offers from managers looking to acquire “Dan Ram’s” services. With Levesque setting his sights on the NCW Heavyweight Title in the Big City Rumble Bass wanted Ramirez to take the New England Title on behalf of the Cartel. Ramirez did not give a definitive answer to Bass, walking off from the Cartel.

– “Sensational” Scott Levesque w/ Rich Bass d. Curry Boy with a picture perfect spear after the unorthodox Curry Boy attempted a spring board moonsault in the match. Upon making his entry to the match, Curry Boy came face to face with “RIOT” Kellan Thomas, who was also surprised to see Curry Boy in action.

The Heavy Hitters (Frank Champion & Shay Cash) defeated Mr. Wrestling XIII in a handicap match after Mr. Wrestling’s tag team partner XII was left behind at the local area rest stop. Looking for a fight, 13 challenged anyone in the locker room to a match leading to a very uneven battle for the old school grappler. The Heavy Hitters made it known that they were done playing around, and are looking to get back into title contention against CrossFit.

Following the match Mr. Wrestling XII came rushing through the front door, ready to grapple with his brother.

mr wrestlings

“Foxy” Calvin Cameron Campbell d. Tyler Nitro after a roll-up when Campbell threw his stolen fur jacket in Nitro’s face, distracting him long enough for the stealth pin (with a handful of tights). Campbell then high-tailed it out of the Elks Lodge with his jacket in tow.

– NCW Tag Team Champions CrossFit (“The Prettiest Man” Derek Andrews & “The Fittest Man” Dan Terry) d. Turtles in Time (Steve “The Turtle” Weiner & “Insane” Dick Lane) w/ Delilah Hayden, The Maine State Posse (Aiden Aggro & DangerKid), and The Halftime Show (“The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva & Rob “The Giant” Araujo) in the 4 Corners Elimination Match to retain the NCW Tag Team Titles. The Posse and The Halftime Show were both counted out as the two teams continued their war with each other, allowing CrossFit to sneak in and blindside the distracted Dick Lane to finish off the Turtles in Time.

New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer Beau Douglas formally announced his plans to run for NCW President against Dean “The Beast” Livsley and Rich Bass when he attacked newcomer “Old School Cool” Cory Michael during his dance exhibition following intermission. Obtaining the amount of signatures needed to run, Douglas now has complete access to NCW events and can no longer be ejected by Commissioner Livsley.

NCW 2016 Ring of Thrones tag team co-winner Triplelicious arrived to the ring for his scheduled match-up against Bryce Clayton, but stated there was no way in hell Clayton was going to show up to wrestle.

wild thing

– “Wild Thing” Bryce Clayton d. Triplelicious in another huge upset as Clayton returned to Norwood with a new attitude and new look embracing his career as a High School all-star pitcher. Unfortunately for Clayton following the match Triplelicious continued the attack on Bryce’s injured arm and shoulder, taking the ring bell to it and causing some major destruction for the New Hampshire native.

The Aristocrats (“The Native American” Tomahawk & Zachary Pierre Beaulieu) defeated The High Class Cartel (DJ AC & Sammy Deléon) w/ Rich Bass when ZPB pinned Deléon after a devastating double team flapjack from The Aristocrats moments after special enforcer referee Dean “The Beast” Livsley knocked Rich Bass on his ass.

– 2016 Ring of Thrones winner “RIOT” Kellan Thomas d. Ace Romero in a hard hitting battle for the NCW Heavyweight Champion, barely squeaking out a victory over the talented big man after hitting ‘The Ether’ on Romero after narrowly averting a second ‘Black Hole Slam’,

– NCW Heavyweight Champion The Lumberjake d. Alexander Lee via disqualification when The Maine State Posse interfered in the match. Aggro and Danger then helped Lee tape Lumberjake in the ropes as Lee attempted to cut the hair and beard of the NCW Champion. The Halftime Show burst onto the scene to save the day only to get taken down once again by The Posse, leading to Redd Roche attempting to stop Alexander Lee from cutting Jake’s hair. Throwing Roche to the mat Lee opted to take the hair of NCW’s senior official instead to the shock of the Norwood fans. Finally The Heavy Hitters, Commissioner Livsley, Tyler Nitro, and “RIOT” Kellan Thomas stormed the ring as The Posse fled through the front door of the Elks.

A heartbroken Redd stood by while Lumberjake demanded another match with Alexander Lee August 26th at the Big City Rumble, offering to put his title AND his hair on the line against the chest hair of Lee next month in Norwood.

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