Red, White, & This Friday Night!

NCW Red, White, & Bruised: The All-American Bash comes to Norwood Lodge of Elks this Friday night for what’s sure to be the hottest night of the summer. Tickets will be available at the door $10 for adults and $5 for all kids twelve and under. Doors open at 7pm with a 7:30 bell time, and you’re not going to want to be a minute late as Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley has scheduled the opening match of Red, White, & Bruised to have a major IMPACT on the New England Title division in NCW when the new NCW New England Champion “The Juice” JT Dunn defends the Championship against the former champ Osirus in a rematch from Ring of Thrones.

RWB FLYERAlexander Lee, the sickening leader of the Lee Devil Fight Club and the Maine State Posse has promised to leave Norwood with the NCW Heavyweight Championship after picking up the huge upset win over Lumberjake last month in Dedham at the Ring of Thrones (thanks to a steel chain courtesy of The Posse). Commissioner Livsley has banned Aggro & DangerKid from ringside for this match, while the reigning champ has vowed to pummel NCW’s first ever Triple Crown Winner into the ground. You wouldn’t like Lumberjake when he’s angry, and Alexander Lee? He’s angry.

Following the formal announcement earlier this week on Facebook that Ashley Mason was leaving the world of professional wrestling “Foxy” Calvin Campbell now faces the NCW world alone as his entourage slowly fades out from the NCW spotlight. Mason was decimated by “All Good” Anthony Greene at Ring of Thrones when AG became blinded by Ashley’s hairspray, and the incident clearly left the personal stylist with little option but to leave. Greene has continued to deny any interviews since Ring of Thrones and has been actively ignoring phone calls from the NCW front office. One insider close to Greene believes he is purposely ignoring all NCW officials until Rich Bass win the Presidential Election in November. Campbell must now fend for himself, and first on his to-do list is get back his obscenely expensive fur jacket back from Tyler Nitro, who took the jacket following their match in Norwood last month. “Foxy” sent an exclusive video throwing down the gauntlet toward Nitro.

“Ruthless” Ruy Batello has seemingly gone off the deep end (again) following his Ring of Thrones victory with partner Triplelicious last month. Batello was originally slated to appear this Friday night at Red, White, & Bruised however made a last minute excursion to his home country of Portgual where he believes his family holds royal blood that validates his recent royal proclamations. Batello is scheduled to return August 26th in the Big City Rumble, while Triplelicious battles his former bodyguard Bryce Clayton in Norwood.

ruy batello king

Finally word has come down the pipeline that Beau Douglas, the conspiracy theorist and New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, will be in attendance this Friday in Norwood seemingly at the invitation of the NCW front office. Why would Douglas be invited back to Norwood after the trouble he’s caused the last few months? We’ll find out soon enough.

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