Stepping up to the plate

What Ring of Thrones means for Bryce Clayton
By Scoops McGinty


With Curry Boy competing in the Ring of Thrones tournament June 24th and June 25th you know you’re in for a night of surprises, but the biggest surprise following Thursday’s announcement of the Ring of Thrones participants wasn’t Curry Boy but rather the inclusion of Bryce Clayton in the 8 man single elimination tournament. On June 24th in Norwood he’ll be paired up against “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo in the Quarterfinals, and the hard-hitting New Hampshire native finally gets the opportunity he’s been looking for since coming to NCW last September.

bryce tripIn his first NCW match against “All Good” Anthony Greene at NCW FALLOUT (NCW TV episode #20), Clayton showed great potential despite coming up short against the more experienced Greene. While there’s absolutely no shame in losing to the Ox Baker Memorial Cup winner, in the months since Bryce has somewhat floundered in his attempts to break out and show NCW exactly what he’s capable of. In March Clayton was hired by Triplelicious after Trip needed back-up against the NCW Heavyweight Champion Lumberjake, a business relationship that has proven incredibly volatile and on the verge of collapse from the very beginning. Many will tell you (i.e. former bodyguard Francis Brusco) that Triplelicious isn’t the easiest boss to have, and at the 19 year REUNION the unstable relationship finally crumbled during the Tag Team Invitational Gauntlet when Clayton had enough of Trip’s verbal and physical abuse, walking out on the match and allowing The Heavy Hitters to defeat Trip two on one.

Striking out on his own the question  still remains, who is Bryce Clayton?

Looking to get a better perspective I reached out to the young grappler for a peek behind the curtain, finding out just who he is and where he came from.

bryce baseball 2When talking to Clayton I was surprised to learn that wrestling wasn’t Bryce’s first passion growing up, but rather America’s favorite pastime baseball. A wild thing on the field (much like a certain actor from that certain movie), Clayton started playing baseball at 4 years old playing all the way through adolescence until he was 19. Primarily a pitcher, Clayton’s patented fastball averaged in the 80s with a maximum speed of 91 mph.

The venerable pitcher can recall at least two no hitters during his High School career, but playing so many games over the years has made things a bit fuzzy for the big guy. With so much potential on the field a blown out shoulder would ultimately see Clayton’s time on the mound draw to a close, forcing him to reevaluate his goals moving forward in life.

With his back up against the wall and nowhere left to turn Clayton made the first steps of entering the wild world of professional wrestling in 2004 when he began helping with ring crew at local independent shows in the area. Being a huge fan of wrestling growing up and getting a taste of what wrestling had to offer, Bryce finally decided to get off the bench and into training at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy early last year.

Flash forward to today, and Clayton has been given one of the biggest opportunities of his young career competing in the Ring of Thrones and competing against the incredibly talented Vern Vicallo. It’s telling then that Vicallo has essentially blown off the Quarterfinal Match, telling NCW announcer Dallas McCarthy it’s nothing more than warmup to wrestle Clayton at NCW Ring of Thrones. Stepping up the plate in Norwood Clayton best make every second count against “The Selfie-Made Man.”

Good luck, kid.

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