NCW TV Episode #26


@NCWTelevision comes to you courtesy of Norwood Public Access (Verizon Channel 35/Comcast Channel 8) bringing all the characters, excitement, and action from the NCW rings right to you at home! For episode showings check your local listings, and for those outside the Norwood area keep up to date with episodes here on and at

-Episode #26-

NCW’s 19 year REUNION is fast approaching, as the Ox Baker Memorial Cup Winner “All Good” Anthony Greene has utilized his guaranteed Championship Match to challenge The Lumberjake May 27th in Norwood. Once again screwing “RIOT” Kellan Thomas in his quest for glory, Thomas requested time to address the fans at NCW Saturday Night regarding his future in NCW.

We go back to the fallout from the Friday Night Fights between “Ruthless” Ruy Batello, Triplelicious, Christian Casanova, and the NCW New England Champion Osirus. PLUS words from “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo regarding CrossFit’s plans for domination at the 19 year REUNION.


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