A New Era Dawns: NCW WrestleFest XI Results

This past Friday night Northeast Championship Wrestling presented the final event of our 2015 Season with WrestleFest XI- a huge night of wrestling action featuring 3 Championship Matches, the Ox Baker Memorial Cup, and the shocking unmasking of “RIOT” Kellan Thomas’ masked assailant.

Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Commentator: “Toxic” Tom Warren
Referees: Redd Roche & Rob “Buddy Christ” Greer
Ringside Security: John Balis
Ringside Photography: Michael Purcell, Dave Rodrigues, & Josh Day

Be sure to check out “Picture” Dave Rodrigues’ photo album for NCW WrestleFest XI here.

Featured photograph courtesy of Brittany Costa

“Toxic” Tom Warren kicked off the evening with a fantastic version of the National Anthem.

crossfit united

“The Kid” Christian Casanova defeated “The Mastodon” Brick Mastone in the night’s opener, picking up the victory with a beautiful frog splash in a great back and forth battle after Crossfit was kicked out from ringside.

“All Good” Anthony Greene won the NCW 2015 Ox Baker Memorial Cup, defeating Triplelicious to win the match. Following the victory, AG promised to put all the Champions of NCW on notice, and no matter where he went in wrestling, NCW would always be his home.


  1. Mike Montero was eliminated by Shay Cash after The Influence member attacked The Heavy Hitters.
  2. Shay Cash was eliminated by Frank while Montero distracted The Heavy Hitters.
  3. Frank Champion was thrown over the top by Frank.
  4. Bryce Clayton was eliminated by Frank.
  5. “The Mind Eraser” Mike Graca was pinned by Triplelicious after receiving three devastating chokeslams from Frank with Trip stealing the pin.
  6. Frank eliminated himself after Triplelicious finally paid his bill to his bodyguard. Frank took out Anthony Greene leaving him for The Boss.
  7. Triplelicious was eliminated by “All Good” Anthony Greene with the 1D.

ag cup

Osirus w/ Doc Ozone d. NCW New England Champion “Sensational” Scott Levesque w/ “High Class” Rich Bass by count out, when Levesque threw everything but the kitchen sink at Osirus with the former GA West still fighting back. Frustrated, Levesque decided to take a walk to keep his New England title. Bass attempted to sneak away, but NCW Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley wouldn’t have it, dragging the smarmy manager back to ringside to answer for his charge’s crimes. Osirus demanded another match with Levesque (Bass had worked it out that WrestleFest would be Osirus’ only opportunity at the title), threatening him until Bass agreed– on the condition that Osirus wouldn’t lay a hand on him. Osirus agreed, but didn’t say anything about Doc Ozone who leveled “High Class” with a knock out punch!

– In the non-sanctioned Anarchy Rules Match, “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva and Rob “The Giant” Araujo defeated “Slamdance” Tim Lennox and Alexander Lee, the former Scotty Vegas. Before the match began Scotty Vegas refused to enter, only coming to ringside as the demon’s right hand Alexander Lee, raised from the depths of hell to help Tim Lennox in his war on Araujo & Paiva. With no referee for this brawl, TJ Richter took it upon himself to don the stripes once more and assist his Anarchist in every way possible. Frustrated with Tim Lennox’s efforts, Lee walked out on his tag team partner allowing “The Showoff” and “The Giant” to get the victory after using TJ Richter’s limp hand (he was unconscious) to count the three.

turtledick“Toxic” Tom Warren was in the ring interviewing the NCW Commissioner Dean Livsley about the NCW 2016 Season when Steve “The Turtle” Weiner and Dick Lane burst into the ringside area, continuing their epic match.

– Steve “The Turtle” Weiner defeated “Insane” Dick Lane at 35 days, 53 minutes in their Falls Count Anywhere Match (and the longest match in NCW history) with a ‘Kingdom Hearts’ off the middle ropes to force Dick Lane to become his tag team partner.

“The Native American” Tomahawk defeated “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo in their No Disqualification Match, with Tomahawk branding Vicallo a chicken after painting yellow right down “The Selfie-Made Man’s” back. This match was a tremendous showcase for both athletes, with Tomahawk finally proving he was the better man this night.

Innovative action, photo courtesy of Brittany Costa
Innovative action, photo courtesy of Brittany Costa

– NCW Tag Team Champions Crossfit (“The Prettiest Man” Derek Andrews & “The Fittest Man” Dan Terry) defeated David & Eddie Loomis to retain the NCW Tag Team Championship in a huge upset when Derek Andrews pinned Eddie Loomis off an attempted sunset flip with Andrews sitting down to pin Eddie’s shoulders to the mat. After attempting to cheat and weasel their way out through the entire match, Crossfit shockingly picked up the clean victory.

wf masked

– “All Good” Anthony Greene d. “RIOT” Kellan Thomas with the 1D after Greene was shocking revealed as The Masked Man. From the start the mind games were in full effect, as four Masked Men entered the ringside area until the REAL Masked Man emerged to attack the former NCW Champion. When referee Rob Greer was inadvertently knocked out, Thomas unmasked the assailant revealing Anthony Greene to the utter shock of the Norwood fans. Distracted, AG nailed a low blow on “RIOT” giving him the opportunity to hit the 1D and score the pinfall.

wf ag

lbj champThe Lumberjake d. “Ruthless” Ruy Batello to win the NCW Heavyweight Championship in a match that was turned into a No DQ Match after Dean “The Beast” Livsley restarted the match when Batello attempted to get himself intentionally disqualified. This led to a crazy brawl filled with weapons and painful power moves until The Lumberjake was able to cross body block Batello off the ropes and through a steel chair that Ruy was perched on.

Northeast Championship Wrestling’s 2016 Season will kick off with TWO huge events first on Friday Night February 19th in Norwood for NCW COLLISION COURSE and then the next night February 20th in Dedham, MA for NCW Homecoming.

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