The NCW world has been buzzing since Friday’s FALLOUT event at the Norwood Lodge of Elks, where “Ruthless” Ruy Batello shockingly won his fourth Heavyweight Championship when the masked assailant from the Big City Rumble attacked “RIOT” Kellan Thomas behind the referee’s back, allowing Batello to hit his ‘Portuguese Drop’ on Thomas for the victory while The Lumberjake chased the mystery man out the front door.

Batello’s title win has not sat well with the hardcore NCW fans, with some fans criticizing “The Ruthless One” on Facebook following the event.

An irate longtime NCW fan via the NCW Facebook
An irate longtime NCW fan via the NCW Facebook

While the fans railed against Ruy Batello online, the former Heavyweight Champion focused the majority of his rage toward the individual who’s attacked him twice now, The Masked Man.

RIOT facebook

“Slamdance” Tim Lennox may have finally snapped at NCW FALLOUT, as the lone wolf of The Underground Anarchy (Sean Feeney fired, Brandon Behm AWOL, and TJ Richter in hiding after his loss to Redd Roche) lashed out at the two time former NCW New England Champion Rob “The Giant” Araujo, picking up a huge win over “The Giant” with his curbstomp. Not content with the pinfall victory, the Anarchist attacked Araujo in the parking lot as Robbie was leaving the building.

tim lennox insta

lane vs weiner
Photo Credit; Picture Dave Rodrigues

Finally our friends at the Norwood Transcript & Bulletin as well as “Picture” Dave Rodrigues were in the house this past Friday, getting some  great shots of the NCW action while at ringside. Click here to view Dave’s album of the event, and head over to the Transcript for their photos from FALLOUT!

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