NCW Red, White, Bruised, & Results

feeneylostThis past Friday Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to the Elks Lodge in Norwood, Massachusetts for our patriotic celebration Red, White, & Bruised which saw “RIOT” Kellan Thomas suffer another brutal beating at the hands of Triplelicious & Frank, a chaotic Loser Leaves Town Match, and a beautiful rendition of our National Anthem from NCW fan Kelsey!

Venue: Norwood Elks Lodge
Ring Announcer: Shane Daly
Commentators: Atlee Greene & John Casey
Referees: Redd Roche, TJ Richter, & David Montenaro
Ringside Security: John Balis

The Lumberjake d. “The MUTT” Ian Griffin with a vicious ‘log ride’ slamming Griffin down to the mat for the three count. The self-proclaimed “Most Underutilized Talent Today” came out to the ring at the beginning of the show, claiming he’s been overlooked even after winning Total Elimination last month at Aftermath with Dan Terry. But with Griffin’s tag team partner Randy Guerrero out with a knee injury, Griffin was back at square one and looking to challenge anyone to give him a fight. Unfortunately for him, Lumberjake answered the challenge.

“Ruthless” Ruy Batello and The Underground Anarchy (“Slamdance” Tim Lennox, “Bam” Brandon Behm, & “Black Magic” Sean Feeney) came out to the ring, with Batello finally admitting he’s been working with The Underground Anarchy this Season, helping him in his plans this year. Batello promised that Feeney would do the unthinkable and finally rid NCW of “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva. Ruy then brought out corrupt NCW official TJ Richter, with Richter wielding his power to kick referee David Montenaro from the ring. 

– Ruthless Anarchy (“Ruthless” Ruy Batello & “Slamdance” Tim Lennox) w/ Brandon Behm & Sean Feeney d. The Influence (Mike Montero & Jason Devine) in tag team action after TJ Richter allowed the cheating tactics of Batello & Lennox go unseen, giving Lennox the opportunity to hit the ‘Curb Stomp’ giving Batello the pin.

dougandvoxA video played on the video screen from “Simply God’s Best” GA West. The former NCW New England Champion seemed distraught, unsure of where his place was in NCW going forward. Believing Doug Summers may have been right, he wasn’t sure there was a place in NCW for GA West anymore.

– “Dastardly” Doug Summers w/ Ashley Vox d. “Shady” Shay Cash w/ Frank Champion with the ‘Beautiful Disaster’ after Frank Champion forcibly took Vox out of the equation after the fiery Vox continued to get involved with the match. After Cash nearly pinned Summers with a rollup, the cagey veteran outwitted the Heavy Hitter for the win.

In the Selfie-Made Challenge, “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo put $500 of his own money on the line, offering any willing participant to enter the ring and take his finishing move– the ‘Screenshot.’ After hitting the move, the challenger would have 60 seconds to get to his feet and touch all four corners in order to win. The first challenger was rookie Drew Solo. The young up and comer was unable to make it to his feet, showing the devastating effects of Vicallo’s maneuver.  The second challenger was Steve “The Turtle” Weiner, who did his best to ‘shell up’ and began rising to his feet to the shock of “The Selfie-Made Man.” Believing he needed to take action Vicallo attacked Weiner, preventing him from reaching the corners. Vicallo was then interrupted by “The Native American” Tomahawk, who didn’t want the challenge but rather a one on one contest. Official David Montenaro allowed it leading right into a match.

– “The Native American” Tomahawk d. “The Selfie-Made Man” Vern Vicallo via submission with his new finisher ‘the Trail of Tears’, which was a modified cobra clutch. Both men gave it their all as they tried to out-wrestle one another, but in the end Tomahawk gained the edge over Vicallo to end his NCW undefeated streak. Knocked out from the sleeper, Montenaro requested Tomahawk wake him up, which he obliged with a vicious chop.

– NCW Tag Team Champions The Loomis Brothers (David & Eddie Loomis) d. Crossfit (“The Prettiest Man” Derek Andrews & “The Fittest Man” Dan Terry) to retain the Tag Team Titles after Davey Loomis bicycle kicked Dan Terry’s face off.

“High Class” Rich Bass and “Sensational” Scott Levesque made their way out to the ring, furious over the lack of competition in Northeast Championship Wrestling. While issuing an open challenge, they were shocked to see the emergence of Doc Ozone, who brought out the reborn GA West– OSIRUS!

– Osirus w/ Doc Ozone d. “Sensational” Scott Levesque w/ Rich Bass by disqualification after Bass used the clipboard on Osirus just before he completed the pinfall on his charge. An irate Doc O nearly took out Bass before Levesque pulled him to safety.

“RIOT” Kellan Thomas d. Triplelicious & Frank in a Handicap Match after using Trip’s Halliburton briefcase to take out the massive bodyguard. This was originally slated to be a tag team match featuring the new NCW New England Champion Christian Casanova, but apparently Frank ensured Casanova didn’t make it to Norwood after wrestling earlier in the night for Chaotic Wrestling.


Following the match Kellan went to finally retrieve his NCW Championship, only to find handcuffs inside the case. Trip and Frank then blindsided “RIOT”, cuffing him to the ropes and brutalizing him with Frank double stomping the hurt Champion. Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley finally intervened, running the duo out of the ring. Incensed with anger, Livsley ordered a Title Match August 14th in Norwood for the NCW Title, only this time it would be a LADDER MATCH between the two.

– In the Loser Leaves Town Blindfold Match “The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva defeated “Black Magic” Sean Feeney to run Feeney out of NCW forever. This match saw The Underground Anarchy do everything in their power to take down Paiva and eliminate him for good. In the end it was Official Redd Roche who had enough of the cheating, laying TJ Richter out with a hard forearm and counting Feeney down after receiving a codebreaker from “The Original Showoff.”

As ringside security John Balis carried Feeney out of the Norwood Elks Lodge (with Livsley bringing out his packed bag), the Commissioner made another bombshell announcement for the Big City Rumble when he announced Ruy Batello & TJ Richter would team up in tag team action against the Lumberjake– and REDD ROCHE!

Photos Courtesy of Meredith Liska

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