From the Desk of Dean Livsley

reunion week

As we prepare for the 18 year REUNION this Friday night May 1st live from the Elks Lodge in Norwood, Massachusetts proudly presents REUNION WEEK! Keep up to date on all the happenings heading into REUNION, and be sure to spread the word using the hashtag #2015REUNION.


Dean "The Beast" Livsley
Dean “The Beast” Livsley

I’m going to keep this real simple.

What went down at Friday Night Fights was pure chaos. Between The Underground Anarchy, Doug Summers’ cheating, and Triplelicious stealing titles with his new bodyguard Frank, all hell broke loose in Norwood. I won’t make excuses for what happened to me, I turned my back on Trip and Frank to check on Robbie Araujo and I paid the price. I don’t trust Trip, and I should have known better. The NCW Heavyweight title has been held by a lot of great wrestlers over the years, and I was proud to hold that belt. In my opinion “RIOT” Kellan Thomas is a fantastic champion, one of the best, and on May 1st he’s promised to get his belt back the old fashioned way and I’m going to let him. As far as Frank? “The Beast” isn’t just a name, so remember that.

Sean Feeney. Tim Lennox. Brandon Behm. And the ringleader of it all Ruy Batello.

Over the last three weeks I’ve gotten a lot messages from wrestlers, officials, and fans about what went down and what I should do about it. Some suggested they be fired. Some pushed for a suspension, and some believed they should be barred from Norwood all together. Make no mistake these guys crossed a line, but at the end of the day the only person I needed to hear from was Mike Paiva. His opinion is what matters most to me. Mikey’s doing okay, and even though we’re giving him the night off Friday he’s asked to keep these clowns around, because he has some plans of his own for these guys and he deserves every opportunity to kick their ass for what they did. So as of now all four men have been fined for the fireball incident, and if I was Ruy Batello I’d worry about what Lumberjake is going to do to you Friday at REUNION.

– Dean


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