NCW Back to School Results!

jake mj croppedNortheast Championship Wrestling would like to thank everyone who came out this past Friday night in support of the Pembroke High Junior Class for NCW’s Back to School fundraiser. It was a great night of wrestling action and NCW looks forward to returning to Pembroke this Fall for NCW Varsity Bruised.

Result photos courtesy of Dave Rodrigues, to see all the photos from Back to School click here.

Ring Announcer: “Toxic” Tom Warren
Referees: Uncle David Montenaro & Rob Greer
Ringside Photography: Nate Grist, Dave Rodrigues, & Mike Sjolin

Pembroke's Principal weighs in on Back to School
Pembroke’s Principal weighs in on Back to School

Before the beginning of the show, a moment of silence was given for Peggy “Nana” Paiva as the event was dedicated in her memory following her passing earlier in the week.

– In the night’s opener The Trailblazers (“All Good” Anthony Greene & “The Native American” Tomahawk) defeated The Underground Anarchy (“Slamdance” Tim Lennox & “Bam” Brandon Behm) w/ “Black Magic” Sean Feeney when Greene pinned Behm after a reverse cutter off the ropes.

– NCW 2014 Rookie of the Year Christian Casanova d. “The Mastodon” Brick Mastone with a small package in a very hard fought battle.

The fans embracing Casanova

In what was supposed to be a fun Pembroke High School exhibition between students of PHS and the Junior Class President MJ Baird  and Cam Deegan turned into a sickening bullying attack by “Ruthless” Ruy Batello, who interrupted the contest to berate the kids who were just trying to have a good time for their class. Tom Warren, an alumni of Pembroke High himself got right in Ruy’s face to stop the situation from escalating, resulting in Batello shoving Warren across the ring to the mat. In a moment of bravery Warren delivered a loud smack to his face, and before Batello could deliver a ‘Portuguese Drop’ on Tom the Lumberjake intervened to a huge homecoming reaction. Before things could get any crazier, Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley made Ruy and Jake’s scheduled match a Pembroke Street Fight later tonight.

ruy tom

“Dynamic” Jon Thornhill defeated “Dastardly” Doug Summers and “Beautiful” Buddy Romano in a Triple Threat Match after Thornhill pinned Romano with a picture perfect 450 splash.

– NCW New England Champion Rob “The Giant” Araujo d. “Sensational” Scott Levesque w/ “High Class” Rich Bass to retain the NCW New England Title after Bass accidentally clocked Levesque with a clipboard designed for Araujo’s skull. With Levesque’s scheduled opponent “RIOT” Kellan Thomas not cleared to compete, Araujo was more than willing to put his championship on the line against the very capable member of Bass’ Cartel.

– In a wild Pembroke Street Fight that saw both men brawl all over Pembroke’s gymnasium Lumberjake w/ MJ Baird d. “Ruthless” Ruy Batello with his own ‘Portuguese Drop’ despite assistance from the Underground Anarchy.

LBJ wins

One thought on “NCW Back to School Results!

  1. Welcome back. Brandon Behm and Sean Feeney you were truly missed. Cant wait to see you in action as a team again. Brandon i miss your. Unsuspected sphere you got that move down to a science. Scott your still the Man. Lose Bass he keeps getting in your way a lot lately Doc Ozone and Osirius are Gods to me CASANOVA IS ONE AWESOME ENTERTAINER WITH BOTH HIS. WRESTLING MOVES ANDDANCE MOVES DOUGH SUMMERS. I MISS YOU. AND YOUR AWESOME MANAGER-Wrestler Dough your the reason i follow ncw. Trip-eddie your are my main man its a pleasure knowing you personally you are one hell of abad guy deviate. ENTERTAINER love you like a brother sunny my little girl graduates from high school on june 7. To the rest of tje roster youre all AWESOME and very talented thank you for continuing to entertain us see you all at the next show god bless you all

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