NCW 2014 Season Awards: The Winners


With the holidays behind us and 2015 here Northeast Championship Wrestling wanted to thank you, our fans, for making 2014 one of the best years ever for NCW and motivating us to make the 2015 Season even better for you all.

That being said the votes have been tallied, the results are in, and your winners are–

NCW 2014 Wrestler of the Year

2014 Wrestler of the Year
Photo by Kelz Marie


“RIOT” Kellan Thomas- 26%
The Lumberjake- 15%
Deputy Commissioner Pacifico- 14% (tie)
“Dastardly” Doug Summers- 14% (tie)

For the second year in a row your NCW Heavyweight Champion “RIOT” Kellan Thomas has stepped up to the plate and delivered some amazing performances, retaining his title against all comers, and earning 26% of the vote to become the 2014 Wrestler of the Year.

After dethroning Scotty Vegas at WrestleFest IX “RIOT” went on to defend his championship against Triplelicious, “The Masshole” Mike McCarthy, “Dastardly” Doug Summers, “The Devils Reject” Brandon Webb, Buddy Romano this Season, capping off the year with a huge title defense against Lumberjake and “Simply God’s Best” GA West at WrestleFest X in a Triple Threat Match, defeating West after a vicious ‘Kryptonite Krunch’Along with his trusty partner Kepler, Thomas has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s one of NCW’s very best competitors.

NCW 2014 Tag Team of the Year

2014 Tag Team of the Year

The Underground Anarchy- 41%
The Loomis Brothers- 28%
The Heavy Hitters- 14%

Evolving from the ashes of Maniacally Twisted, “Black Magic” Sean Feeney and “Slamdance” Tim Lennox (the former Shadow) promised that 2014 would be there’s, winning a #1 contenders match at NCW’s 17 year REUNION with Dominic Delano to earn a shot at the NCW Tag Team Titles. After Brandon Behm lost the NCW Tag Team Championship at WrestleFest IX, then lost his tag team partner Tony Caruso, Behm was lost and in need of guidance.

That’s when Feeney pulled a fast one on Delano, booting him from the newly formed Underground Anarchy and enlisting “Bam” Brandon Behm in his war on the NCW tag team division. Their treachery paid off as Lennox and Behm won the Tag Team Titles at the 2014 Big City Rumble from Back to the Fuzion, then followed things up with singling out the Loomis Brothers, besting them at every turn. Despite losing the NCW Tag Team Championship to David & Eddie at WrestleFest, the Underground Anarchy showed exactly why they’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the 2015 year.

NCW 2014 Rookie of the Year

2014 Rookie of the Year
Photo by Dave Rodrigues

Christian Casanova- 50%
Ashley Vox- 37%
“Pretty Boy” Derek Andrews- 7%

When someone becomes the NCW Rookie of the Year, great things are bound to happen. In a landslide Christian Casanova joins terrific company as NCW’s 2014 Rookie of the Year joining Buddy Romano, Eddie Loomis, the Lumberjake, and Tomahawk as top prospects in their debut year. What happens next for the dancing superstar is anyone’s guess, but rest assured it’s going to be great.

Training at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy, Casanova is learning with the best trainers around to perfect his craft, plying his trade, all while utilizing his unique persona to throw his opponents off in the ring. Plus, who doesn’t love a good dancer?

NCW 2014 Match of the Year

2014 Match of the Year
Photos by Kelz Marie


The Boston Massacre III- 27%
NCW Title Triple Threat Match– 20%
“RIOT” vs. “The Masshole”- 18%

One of this years closest ballots, The Boston Massacre III between Deputy Commissioner Richard Pacifico and “Dastardly” Doug Summers narrowly edged out the WrestleFest X Triple Threat Championship Match to win the 2014 Match of the Year by a mere seven percent.

In the end the retirement of NCW original Pacifico, the brutality of the Massacre Match, and the intensity of both competitors pushed our voters into choosing this war of attrition as their 2014 Match of the Year.

NCW 2014 Manager of the Year

2014 Manager of the Year
Photo by Dave Rodrigues


Ashley Vox- 38%
Kepler– 25%
Doc Ozone- 21%

When Ashley Vox arrived on the scene at NCW’s Friday Night Fights, the mysterious woman was seen manipulating Deputy Commissioner Pacifico, and putting Richard into uncomfortable territory. The next month at NCW’s 17 year REUNION everything was revealed when Vox showed her true allegiances to “Dastardly” Doug Summers, who she helped get back into the company after losing to Dean Livsley at WrestleFest IX.

Since then Ashley has proven herself to be more than capable in assisting Summers with a cheap shot or blind attack while the referee’s back is turned. In the end Vox’s help allowed “Dastardly” Doug to finally put down Pacifico in the Boston Massacre, sealing her fate as one of Doug Summers’ most dangerous weapons.

NCW’s 2014 Best Non Wrestling Personality

Best Non Wrestling Personality

Redd Roche- 21%
Juan the Camera Guy– 16%
John Balis- 15%

Redd Roche is one of NCW’s most valuable players, whether you realize it or not. Since the red haired ref debuted for us in 2010 Roche has become one of NCW’s best officials, calling it right down the middle and standing up for justice.

Whether it’s standing up to “Ruthless” Ruy Batello despite the threat of attack or preventing Buddy Romano from cheating against Rob “The Giant” Araujo, Redd has helped NCW maintain some semblance of law and order in the wild world of professional wrestling.

NCW’s 2014 Most Popular

2014 Most Popular

“RIOT” Kellan Thomas- 25%
Christian Casanova– 14%
The Lumberjake- 12% (tie)
Rob “The Giant” Araujo- 12% (tie)

Another heated race in the 2014 Awards saw various NCW stars vying for Most Popular, with the NCW Heavyweight Champion edging out the Rookie of the Year Christian Casanova to take victory of NCW’s Most Popular.

NCW’s 2014 Most Hated

2014 Most Hated

“Dastardly” Doug Summers- 38%
The Underground Anarchy– 13%
“Ruthless” Ruy Batello- 11% (tie)
“Simply God’s Best” GA West- 11% (tie)

NCW was not short on hated personalities this Season, with “Dastardly” Doug Summers leading the pack upon his return at NCW’s 17 year REUNION. Right behind him was the Underground Anarchy, Ruy Batello, and GA West who were all hated pretty equally during the 2014 year.

NCW’s 2014 Holy $#!t Moment of the Year

2014 Holy Shit

Doug Summers retires Pacifico- 36%
Lumberjake & GA West win the 2014 Rumble– 22%
Buddy Romano becomes “Beautiful” Buddy– 19%


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  1. Interested in becoming a wrestler, want to know where can I get Some training I live in Norwood, MA…. Thx

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