Wrestlefest Rundown by William Thorne


I would like to start this column by saying that its great to be home. Even though I am no longer actively competing in an NCW ring, it’s nice to be a part of this company in any way that I can be. So thank you to the Commissioner for letting me get back into things. Now on to my first post, which in case you didn’t read the title is going to be my thoughts on Wrestlefest X. This show had everything, from a Massacre to Santa to of course a Journey tribute, but here are my thoughts on each match in the show.

Anthony Greene/Tomahawk vs Crossfit

Let me say first of all that I absolutely love the energy that Greene and Tomahawk brought to this match, it was a solid opening tag team match and a good back and forth. I would have liked to have seen Crossfit be a little more aggressive in the match and I believe in the end it is what ultimately cost them the match. I see big things for both of these teams as we head into next season.

Photo by Kelz Marie
Photo by Kelz Marie

Ox Baker Memorial Cup

I am really pleased to see the cup renamed after Ox, the man was such an influence on so many and such a good overall person that it’s a nice tribute to a deserving man.With that said, this match had a little bit of everything for me. Old faces, new faces and of course a turtle. I enjoy seeing the Heavy Hitters in NCW, these guys are just getting started as a formidable team. Trip is an NCW mainstay and I always expect nothing but the best from him. Turtle is turtle and that’s a wonderful thing. Christian Casanova looked to be a little out of his element in this match, but I am looking forward to seeing more of him in the future. Then we get to what was for me the standout in this match, Ian Griffin. I’m not sure why, but something about Griffin really stood out in this match, he had the right mix of speed, aggression and intelligence and I really thought he would pull this one out. However a simple mistake cost him the match and awarded it to Casanova, or so we all thought. Trip being the savvy veteran that he is slipped out under the bottom rope and was not eliminated, giving him the opportunity to blind side Casanova for the victory.

Buddy Romano vs Rob “The Giant”

The first thing I noticed here came right out of the entrance as Buddy made his way to the ring. This is not the Buddy Romano that I remembered while I was in the ring, at least not by appearance. As the match got under way though, the old Buddy certainly showed he was still around. This was a solid back and forth match between two guys who are very familiar with each other. The ending however I feel was a travesty. I may have always generally followed the rules and yes Buddy may have had some leverage, but he had that match won and for it to be restarted and then be surprised by a roll up I feel was a shame, I hope to see Buddy get a rematch in the future.

Richard Pacifico vs “Dastardly” Doug Summers – Massacre

I haven’t kept up on things as much as I should, so seeing this side of Doug Summers really caught me off guard. He has the lovely Ms. Vox with him who appears to be a very cunning and manipulative piece of the puzzle. Pacifico looked great heading into this match, it looks like he slimmed down and was more than ready for this match. These two men did everything they could think of to put each other away. Including but not limited to various tables, baseball bats, kendo sticks and even at one point Summers attempting to use a power drill on Pacifico. In the end though Doug got the win after performing 3 Beautiful Disasters, with the third onto a chair to finally get the pin on Pacifico. This was a sad moment for me as Richard is a class act and a man I am proud to call my friend. Good luck Rich in whatever’s next for you.

Photo by Kelz Marie
Photo by Kelz Marie


Normally I wouldn’t be posting anything about an intermission, however at the end of this one, GA West attempted to injure another one of his opponents before the main event by taking out Lumberjake’s shoulder with a chair.

“Black Magic” Sean Feeney vs Santa.

It took me longer to write that title than it did for Santa to put Feeney away with a huge chokeslam. After the match The Underground Anarchy hit the ring to attack Santa, bringing out the Loomis Brothers to save Christmas. This also lead right into–

The Underground Anarchy vs The Loomis Brothers

My first thoughts here were that the grunge era was back or at least to The Anarchy it was. The Loomis Brothers have always been one of my favorite teams to watch. With their mix of strength and speed and rumored amateur backgrounds, they are just a fluid and well put together team. The Anarchy however were able to control a good portion of this match by using some underhanded tactics. They looked to have this match in the bag until the inexperience caught up with them and The Loomis Brothers were able to capture the tag gold. After the match poor Feeney was again laid out, this time by a crushing Davey Loomis bicycle kick.

Photo by Kelz Marie
Photo by Kelz Marie

Ruy Batello vs Mike Paiva

This was a good match between two NCW legends. On a personal note this one was bittersweet, as I enjoy seeing Paiva working for the fans again, but hate to see this new bully side of Ruy. Paiva came into this one as an underdog due to the size difference and it showed. Ruy was overconfident after crushing Paiva’s ribs with repeated avalanches in the corner and the resilient Paiva was able to kick out which caused Ruy to attempt to bully the referee, and it backfired on him as Mike was able to hit the codebreaker for the win.

Photo by Kelz Marie
Photo by Kelz Marie

“RIOT” Kellan Thomas vs GA West vs The Lumberjake

Finally we get to the main event of the night . Now to say I have a little bias in this one would be a bit of an understatement. Anyone that has followed NCW knows that “RIOT” is my former tag team partner and my brother for life, and I am truly excited to see him holding the NCW Heavyweight Championship. Going into this match GA took out Scotty Vegas who was supposed to be the fourth man in this match, which I think in hindsight was a mistake as for most of this match GA was at a two on one disadvantage. “RIOT” and Jake used a variety of tag moves (even some familiar ones) to weaken West. As much as I love Jake’s easy-going demeanor, I think it was a big hindrance in this match. You’re in the Heavyweight Title match, there is no time for friends or being a nice guy. Even with that being said, Jake had this match ripped right out from under him by Ruy who unleashed a vile sneak attack on Jake taking him out of the match. This left “RIOT” and GA to settle the score and in the end “RIOT” was able to hit a Kryptonite Crunch to finish the match and retain his NCW Heavyweight Title. The end wouldn’t be the same if he didn’t send the NCW crowd home with some Journey.

Photo by Kelz Marie
Photo by Kelz Marie

This was a great card from top to bottom and I think we came away with some possible contenders for “RIOT’s” NCW Title including GA, Jake, Ruy, and Paiva. Well I hope you guys enjoyed my first entry, I know I enjoyed writing it.

Until next time guys, I’m going to go enjoy some of this Florida sunshine.

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