NCW 2014 Season Award Nominations!

2014 AWARDSWith WrestleFest X now behind us the NCW 2014 Season officially comes to a close, and what a year it was! Titles changed hands, careers were ended, new faces came into focus, alliances were shattered, and friendships ruined. No, this isn’t Days of Our Lives it’s just another day here in Northeast Championship Wrestling.

As we begin to look at the year that was, we’re asking YOU the fans to help us determine the nominees for this year’s 2014 year end awards and who should get on the ballot. Over the next seven days we’ll be having an open nomination period here at which will help us select the nominees for this years awards along with the NCW Championship Committee and Commissioner Dean “The Beast” Livsley.

Below you can submit your nominations (up to THREE nominees per category) for the following 9 awards—

NCW 2014 Match of the Year

What was your favorite match during the 2014 Season, starting March 7th 2014 (NCW COLLISION COURSE) and November 28th, 2014 (NCW WrestleFest X). Whether it be singles, tags, or the Big City Rumble. What were the best matches of the year?

NCW 2014 Wrestler of the Year

Who was your favorite singles wrestler of 2014? Choose up to three nominees, but must be an active NCW wrestler as of November 28th, 2014.

NCW 2014 Tag Team of the Year

When selecting the nominees for the 2014 Tag Team of the Year, please only nominate tag teams who have wrestled together at least twice during the 2014 Season.

NCW 2014 Rookie of the Year

Who was the best of the young crop of rookies during the NCW 2014 year? Before nominating, please keep in mind that rookies can qualify by appearing on at least two events during the NCW Season.

NCW 2014 Manager of the Year

Who do you feel was the best manager of 2014?

NCW’s 2014 Best Non Wrestling Personality

Nominate up to three choices for NCW’s Best Non Wrestling Personality. Perhaps it’s play by play commentator “Toxic” Tom Warren, head of security John Balis, or even NCW official Redd Roche! Let us know.

NCW’s 2014 Most Hated

Who did you hate?

NCW’s 2014 Most Popular

Who did you love?

NCW 2014 Holy $#!t Moment of the Year

What was the biggest shock for you during the 2014 year? Was it the betrayal of “Ruthless” Ruy Batello? Doug Summers’ shocking return to NCW at REUNION? Two men winning the Big City Rumble? Let us know your biggest “OMG” moments of the Season.

Please fill out the form below, or email us your nominations directly at!

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