NCW State of the Union Address: I’m Not Going Anywhere


Not a lot of people believed that “Dastardly” Doug Summers would enter 2014 your Northeast Championship Wrestling Commissioner and ruling Emperor, but it would be ridiculous to believe that the founding member of Team Dynamite could somehow orchestrate a winter storm that would be able to postpone WrestleFest IX from taking place December 14th in Norwood, MA and preventing his career defining rematch with former NCW Commissioner Dean Livsley.

But even with straight up facts, NCW fans still believe that Summers purposely canceled the finale of the 2013 Season back in December. “That’s absolutely insane people!” Summers bellowed from the NCW offices earlier this week. “Am I somehow suddenly Storm from the X-Men? Able to conform the weather at my very whim? Don’t be stupid,” Summers continued.  “I know a lot of people have become unhappy with my reign as NCW Commissioner but in all seriousness you better get used to it. WrestleFest 9.1 means absolutely nothing. February 7th I will what I planned to do December 14th, which is beat Dean Livsley from pillar to post and lead the NCW 2014 Season completely in my vision!”

What vision is that? That’s something the Emperor wouldn’t elaborate on, and promised to only unveil following the events of WrestleFest February 7th in Norwood MA, where tickets will be $5 for all our fans as a special thank you for Norwood’s continued support.

And the final word from Summers? “Well, now I just kinda wish I was in the X-Men.”

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