Paint Her Pink & NCW Team Up for Breast Cancer Awareness!


As Northeast Championship Wrestling joins many proud sponsors this weekend in supporting the Paint Her Pink Foundation and their huge rally in the town center of Norwood, MA, NCW wanted to take a moment and showcase the Foundation and what they’re goals are during this very important month.

From their website;

The Paint Her Pink Project is a multifaceted state wide movement for Breast Cancer Awareness. The objective of this movement is to celebrate and support young women who are currently going through breast cancer treatment. On April 1, 2013 I was diagnosed with Stage II Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, and began my treatment protocol at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA. My final chemotherapy was administered on August 12th. At this moment, I am idle until my double mastectomy takes place on September 20, 2013. I am expecting to undergo multiple surgeries over the next six to twelve months. All is well, especially because today, September 9, is my birthday. Dirty thirty! Made it!!!

My initiative for this movement stemmed from an insecurity that set in when my life long mentor, Ms. Paula, offered to throw a fundraiser for me.  At first, I was rather embarrassed at the thought of taking money from anyone. How awkward! But, when I heard she already had a committee set up, then showed up to see a room full of people ready and waiting…. I was speechless. Apparently, this is what just what communities do.

I might have approved the benefit, but really didn’t know how to accept it fully without earning my keep. The root of my inspiration is in the words of my friends and family who kept telling me, “You are an inspiration. You are vibrant. you are this and that.” And so I created The Paint Her Pink Project that, in essence, is a blend of inspiration and my deepest gratitude. It’s not that this type of event has never been done before. It’s just that it’s never been done my way.

For more information feel free to visit the Paint Her Pink website at and if you’re in the area this Sunday evening please join us in the Town Common for the First Annual Paint the City Pink Ribbon Rally! If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor of this event and getting a ribbon of your own, please call (617) 299-0156 for additional details.


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