BREAKING NEWS: GA West Forfeits the New England Title!


New ace reporter Buzz Billington here.

Northeast Championship Wrestling has just received this exclusive email from NCW New England Champion “Simply God’s Best” GA West, with West announcing to that he will be relinquishing the New England title to the NCW offices, and leaving the promotion without a New England Champion heading into tonight’s Big City Rumble event in Norwood, MA. What will our exalted Emperor Doug Summers do tonight in Norwood with the vacated belt?

To the staff and fans of NCW:

After my loss last month to JT Dunn, I have had a lot of time to ponder the reason for such an outcome.  As Simply God’s Best, it is expected that I easily defeat all of my opponents.  Well, perhaps, I am not who I think I am.  And with that said, I am not worthy of holding the NCW New England Championship; thus I am relinquishing it.

I have worked my entire career to capture the elusive NCW New England Championship, and to prove that I am the greatest wrestler in professional wrestling history.  All of that hard work and effort, only to be beaten by a young punk like JT Dunn.  Sure, he’s considered the hottest thing on the New England wrestling scene today, but do you all forget, that that was me while he wasn’t even old enough to drive?!

Apparently, I need to remind you all of just who I am and what I’m about.  I still have new heights to reach, greater goals to accomplish, and the Father’s grand plan to fulfill.  I will be taking some time off to reach levels never before thought achievable.  And when I come back, you will all be witness to man’s ultimate potential fully realized.  And JT Dunn, you will learn firsthand, just whom the mantle of Professional Wrestling’s Savior belongs to.

May God have mercy upon all your souls, because when I come back, I will leave nothing but dust and ruin in my wake.

“Simply God’s Best” G.A. West
Heir to the Throne

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