Cruel Summer: The Aftermath of Aftermath

vegaschampWith Northeast Championship Wrestling now officially under the control of Doug Summers, the Aftermath of REUNION saw chaos reign supreme as Scotty “Won’t Die” Vegas walked out of the Norwood Elks Lodge the new NCW Heavyweight Champion, winning the championship on a obscure technicality stemming from last Season.

During JT Dunn‘s wars with Buddy Romano last year over the NCW Championship, then-Commissioner Livsley allowed a stipulation to be placed where the title could change hands via count out or disqualification. Those stipulations were never removed from the contracts, allowing Scotty Vegas to win the championship from Dunn by count out, angering the vocal Norwood crowd. After experiencing such a grueling and hard hitting match only to see it end on such cheap terms, a dejected JT Dunn remained at ringside long after the crowd exited the building last night, shocked over what had transpired.

With this victory, Scotty Vegas has become NCW’s first triple crown champion, the only man in Northeast Championship Wrestling history to have won the Tag Team Championship, New England Championship, and Heavyweight Championship.


Doug Summers’ first night as boss will go down as a controversial one as the esteemed Emperor of NCW re-dubbed himself “Dastardly” Doug Summers while announcing the official signing of his two young rookies “Terrible” Tony Caruso and “The Beast” Brandon Bam the Inglorious Dastards. By taking the “Beast” moniker, Doug also stated that while Dean Livsley would not be fired, he would no longer be known as “The Beast”.  In discussing the upcoming Total Elimination match next week in Westerly, RI Summers also announced that he would be recruiting his former rival Buddy Romano for his team, going up against Dean’s team of the Loomis Brothers and the BLT.

With that, detailed results from Aftermath will be posted shortly.

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