UPGRADE: Check Out theNCW.com

Northeast Championship Wrestling

During your normal routine of obsessively browsing of theNCW.com you may have noticed that our design and layout has recently been updated for your viewing pleasure.

Over the next couple of weeks you will see a new NCW ROSTER  page featuring the current roster of NCW supah-stahs while an Alumni Section will be added featuring every wrestler, manager, referee, and personality that has worked for NCW over the last sixteen years.

Our biggest update is of course the HISTORY OF NCW page, dedicated to results of Northeast Championship Wrestling events dating back to March of 2000 until now. While we did attempt to go back farther into the archives to retreive results from 1997 through 1999, most of it has been destroyed for our own good and well being. We’ve chronicled over one hundred events from NCW’s past, so feel free to browse through for your own education on NCW history*.

[* Editors Note: This will count towards your final exam.**]

[** Editors Note: That’s not true at all. There’s no test.]

 As we continue to edit over the next month we will also be adding new videos, articles, and guest commentaries to help add to the NCW experience for our devoted web viewers, so please keep checking back regularly.