“Foxy” Calvin Campbell




Hometown: The Filmore East

NCW Debut: March 11th, 2016 (NCW March Madness)

Career Highlights: 2x Ox Baker Memorial Cup Holder, Personal Stylist to “Retro” Anthony Greene

Manager: The Mad Doctor Ozone



The coolest guy in the room, “Foxy” Calvin Campbell debuted in NCW back in 2016 as the personal stylist to “Retro” Anthony Greene. It wasn’t long before Campbell evolved into one of the most overconfident and cocky competitors wrestling in NCW, getting into a very personal feud with Doc Ozone and Osirus. But it was that rivalry that taught “Foxy” a lesson in respect, bringing Campbell, Ozone, and Osirus together at WrestleFest XIII to forge a new path as a group.

Winning the Ox Baker Memorial Cup twice, Campbell continued his quest for respect in tremendous battles with the likes of Brett Ryan Gosselin and “The Heavy Hitter” Shay Cash Campbell was struck with a huge blow at WrestleFest XIV when Osirus shockingly turned on him AND Doc Ozone, destroying the popular trio and leaving the NCW fans in shock heading into the 2020 Season.