“Insane” Dick Lane



Hometown: Dr. Cobblepot’s Laboratory 

NCW Debut: August 14th, 2015 (NCW Big City Rumble 2015)

Career Highlights: NCW New England Champion, 2x NCW Ox Baker Memorial Cup, NCW 2019 Wrestler of the Year, NCW 2019 Most Popular, NCW 2019 Holy $#!T Moment of the Year, NCW 2018 Most Popular, NCW 2015 Feud of the Year 




Born out of Doctor Cobblepot’s Evil Laboratory “Insane” Dick Lane finally became a real boy at NCW WrestleFest XV when “The Meta-Human Super-Villain” cashed in the Ox Baker Memorial Cup on a straight jacketed Mike Montero to win the NCW New England Championship after years of fighting his way to the top alongside The Turtles in Time.

The off again/on again/off again/on again relationship with Steve “The Turtle” Weiner has been at the epicenter of Dick Lane’s NCW career since his debut in 2015, with Weiner introducing Lane to his eventual bride Delilah Hayden!