Beau Douglas



Hometown: Boston, MA

NCW Debut: April 22nd, 2016 (NCW Friday Night Fights)

Career Highlights: New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, NCW Presidential Candidate

Signature Phrase: ‘Jet fuel doesn’t melt steel’, ‘Beau Knows’

ncw-bioBeau knows.

At least, that’s what he’d like everyone to think. The charismatic New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer showed up at NCW Friday Night Fights uninvited, spewing conspiracy theories to the NCW fans after stealing Shane Daly’s microphone. After continuing to show up Commissioner Dean Livsley eventually filed a restraining order against Douglas until Beau returned with a new pair of documents signaling his entry into the 2016 NCW Presidential Race.

What is Beau’s end game? Is he working with Rich Bass? Did he attack Dean “The Beast” Livsley? Is he working his own insane agenda? Only Beau knows for sure.