Wrestlefest Rundown by William Thorne


I would like to start this column by saying that its great to be home. Even though I am no longer actively competing in an NCW ring, it’s nice to be a part of this company in any way that I can be. So thank you to the Commissioner for letting me get back into things. Now on to my first post, which in case you didn’t read the title is going to be my thoughts on Wrestlefest X. This show had everything, from a Massacre to Santa to of course a Journey tribute, but here are my thoughts on each match in the show.

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NCW 2014 Highlights!

Over the years “Don’t Stop Believing” has become synonymous with Northeast Championship Wrestling (yes, even before Glee). You know that when Journey hits, the show is over. As we celebrate the New Year, close out 2014, and look back at this amazing Season rock out to some Journey and enjoy!

NCW TV Episode #11


@NCW Television comes to you courtesy of Norwood Public Access (Verizon Channel 35/Comcast Channel 8) bringing all the characters, excitement, and wrestling action from the NCW ring right to you at home! For episodes check your local listings, and for those outside of the Norwood area keep up to date with episodes here on theNCW.com and at www.vimeo.com/channels/NCWtv.

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NCW 2014 Season Award Nominations!

2014 AWARDSWith WrestleFest X now behind us the NCW 2014 Season officially comes to a close, and what a year it was! Titles changed hands, careers were ended, new faces came into focus, alliances were shattered, and friendships ruined. No, this isn’t Days of Our Lives it’s just another day here in Northeast Championship Wrestling.

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