NO FEAR: Results from Norwood


This past Friday night Northeast Championship Wrestling returned to the Elks Lodge in Norwood, MA for our Halloween spooktacular NO FEAR! In addition to our annual Final Countdown War Games Match wrestlers also competed in Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal Matches with competitors spinning the wheel before their scheduled match-ups.

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Paint Her Pink & NCW Team Up for Breast Cancer Awareness!


As Northeast Championship Wrestling joins many proud sponsors this weekend in supporting the Paint Her Pink Foundation and their huge rally in the town center of Norwood, MA, NCW wanted to take a moment and showcase the Foundation and what they’re goals are during this very important month.

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PRESS RELEASE: NO FEAR for Norwood October 25th!

NOFEAR2013NORWOOD– On Friday night October 25th Northeast Championship Wrestling presents the penultimate event of the 2013 wrestling season when we return to the Elks Lodge [152 Winslow Avenue] in Norwood, MA for our annual Halloween spectacular NO FEAR! Competing in a seasonal format from February through December, for sixteen years NCW has presented a unique night of entertainment for fans bringing forth our larger than life characters, dynamic storylines, and incredible athleticism all while providing a unique experience for fans of all ages.

When NCW returns to the Elks Lodge for NO FEAR we will see the Final Countdown, a multi-man battle as Commissioner “Dastardly” Doug Summers brings his band of dirty dealing conspirators to take on former Commissioner Dean Livsley’s rebellion of NCW fan favorites in David Loomis, Buddy Romano, and “The Portuguese Sensation” Ruy Batello. With the final Summers-Livsley confrontation taking place at WrestleFest IX, this opportunity is paramount in building momentum heading into NCW’s final event of 2013.

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Scotty Vegas: Pupaphobia


While NCW’s first Triple Crown Champion “The Maine Event” Scotty Vegas has had an on again-off again rivalry with NCW 2013 Big City Rumble winner “RIOT” Kellan Thomas since last Season, it seems that the reigning  NCW  Heavyweight  Champion hates Kellan’s trusty sidekick Kepler just as much as Thomas himself.

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WHAT IF?? NCW Moments That Never Were

whatifGrowing up as a kid reading comic books, one of the best comics out there was Marvel’s WHAT IF? series, chronicling your favorite Marvel characters (Captain America, Spiderman, the X-Men) placed in various tales of adventure through time travel, happenstance, or just choosing the wrong door to exit. With 16 plus years of history there have been a lot of “what if” scenarios here in Northeast Championship Wrestling. Here are some of our favorites…

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NCW’s September Showdown RESULTS

This past weekend Northeast Championship held two huge shows that helped shape the final events of NCW’s 2013 Season. On Saturday night NCW returned to Riverside, RI and the American Legion Post for the Best of 7 Series between Doug Summers’ Team Dynamite and Dean Livsley’s NCW fan favorites. On Sunday Northeast Championship Wrestling partnered with Woonsocket Middle School to present a benefit for WMS students at Woonsocket High School.

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NCW vs. Team Dynamite: The Reign of Summers

Northeast Championship Wrestling’s favorites combat against the reign of NCW Emperor “Dastardly” Doug Summers and his band of treacherous sympathizers, as the struggle for power has escalated since Summers stole NCW ownership from Dean Livsley at NCW’s 16 year REUNION this past April.

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